HISE instrument CLI build

  • I am wanting to make a few GPL instrument libraries, and place them on GitHub/GitLab etc.

    What would be nice is to be able to have a script that just builds the HISE instruments without having to use the HISE software GUI (for other users, Devs, and for quick changes etc, which I would then be able to also use to run install.

    Is this currently possible from a CLI? IIRC even building HISE from JUCE I needed to first create make files from within JUCE (select Linux as target- then re-save project).

    Currently I'm not a JUCE user, but I can't see select target in the projucer --help: https://forum.juce.com/t/command-line-options/20343

    (I am guessing that target is in an XML or similar file somewhere in JUCE project settings)

    Obviously HISE may have a CLI but I'm not aware of it.

  • HISE —help shows you the options for command line usage. I am using this for building projects on a build server.

    It might be possible that it doesn‘t work on Linux because I only used it for macOS / windows so far.

  • @christoph-hart Thanks for the info. I have not been able to find the CLI HISE app? I have built HISE STANDALONE but I can't seem to find the HISE makefile etc...

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