need somebody to write a micro tuning script for hise instrument

  • hi
    i am Ashraf, A music producer from middle east
    and i have an idea of making a vsti for arabic - turkish instrument
    my question: is there a way to make a micro tuning script for hise interface like the one in kontakt?
    and if it possible then i hope any one with this kind of skills to contact me for freelancing and finishing my project

  • administrators

    Yes, sure a micro tuning script is a rather easy task. Just use an array of micro tuning detune values and apply this to incoming messages:

    // This contains the microtuning values for each note in the scale
    const var detuneValues = Content.addSliderPack("DetuneValues", 0, 0);
    detuneValues.set("height", 200);
    detuneValues.set("min", -100);
    detuneValues.set("max", 100);
    detuneValues.set("stepSize", 1);
    detuneValues.set("sliderAmount", 12);
    detuneValues.set("width", 12 * 50);
    // The Root Note for the microtuning table
    const var rootSelector = Content.addComboBox("RootSelector", 650, 30);
    const var rootNotes = ["C", "C#", "D", "D#", "E", "F", "F#", "G", "G#", "A", "A#", "B"];
    rootSelector.set("items", rootNotes.join("\n"));
    function onNoteOn()
        local r = rootSelector.getValue() - 1;
        local index = parseInt(Message.getNoteNumber()-r) % 12;
    function onNoteOff()
    function onController()
    function onTimer()
    function onControl(number, value)

  • Can we use this for a fx plugin? It will microtune incoming signal (down or up)

  • administrators

    No because it operates on synthesiser voices only.

  • @christoph-hart So isn't there any way to do it in HISE?

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