Resizable GUI

  • Is HISE supporting resizable GUI?
    Does anyone know how to make resizable GUI? What is the thing about it?

  • @orange You can change the size of the GUI in the options menu. If you are using vectors to create your UI they will scale perfectly. If you are using images I believe the technique is to make the images the largest size your GUI will be and then they will be downscaled for smaller sizes.

  • What @d-healey said. The interpolation of images doesn't look too good across all platforms, but that's the sort of penalty you usually get when trying to make "scalable" UIs using images.

  • So, if I use all of the GUI stuff as vectors, can users scale the plugin freely?

  • @orange The type of graphics you use doesn't change the settings available in the options menu, just the quality of the scaling.

  • @d-healey
    So HISE doesn't support resizable GUI (I'm not talking about individual controls or options menu. I mean the users' being able to resizing the whole GUI of the plugin. Like Valhalla, Serum, T-Racks... stuff).
    I hope it will someday...

  • The user can resize the UI but in steps (125%, 150%, ...). Making it stepless would end up in plugin sizes of 102,38% and while it would still look OK when using only vectors, it would definitely mess up any image interpolation...

  • @christoph-hart Hi!!! Any snippet to implement resizing? or how to archive it?

  • @hisefilo This is built in to the options menu it's not something you need to code.

  • @d-healey No, we mean, the user will change the GUI size of the exported plugin.
    In the options menu, only developer can change the size. This is not our question...

    You can see this example:

  • @orange The options menu is also available to the end user. Just add the floating tile control -

    You can't resize with a drag though.

  • Hello Everyone
    Just a quick Question , Is it possible to show the Zoom scale factors " 50% 100% 200% " In a Combo box?

    Thanks in advance 👏

  • @Natanr yes. I'm not at my computer at the mo but I'll post an example when I am, unless someone beats me to it

  • @d-healey Thanks dear david 👏

  • You have to use a floating tile and set the tile data. You can't use a normal combo box as far as I can tell and there isn't much in the way of customization.

    HiseSnippet 1043.3ocsV0kaaaDDdWaQ2Jk3zjfb.H7SN.tFRtwIsIODE8mgPrrEBUBJPQQvJxQRKzxcIHW5XEi.zG5InuzaQuBMu2SQuA8F3NKIkHkphaTApdQZ9lY18a9YmQ8CUtPTjJjPKOXV.Pn21xYlTOo4DFWR51hPuiUOVjFBsSgZLKfEEAdDJc6SL.zxkHIe9qm2fIXRWHGhPdih6Bmx845bz90eIWH5v7fAb+BV+n5ccUxlJgJF4y1VUIAL2orwvYLiYaYQn6z1iqUgNZlFhPaZn7l4LQ8NYp8ugGwGJ.iPMhCdPovjlS3Bu9yi0HBgVpedjucZj+.qdbO9B77LvcSTXm6Qwb.cqkoToknTsOEk5nDdlC3SPOZA5UJkd2yxwMjGny0X31sr5JwhyHFl1KRqTaIzOZ0TgFH0G5ylBcBQgENr+iqV8.6iqV8gOaTrzUyURak7LkFNWt+CqbUkxU9PE6UUMZzZ0YtlPkP.gqUsoRGdSNtuL1eHDdf8ELQLrvPL7WN+tymW90MMpKXnR1Ux0mG.Yx4UfZqoBPxRalZQFCQS0IUh6jUIbDbOHjvwC4KrdoTMrFIg7E6+IutaKllM+XvSDuk.HTyMACsEbA99Hs.W1pEDMUqBvV8lJ+.kzb+zaoy5NSuzNBESykiGvwf1b0ekUQnZjKyu9mVeVtv2U+cbO8DB0h9KTBYBvGOQajZmGsoD4tVMiizJeGPaN1HxvwyeTVdGz3qMGGWC94n+wGudEziJBmjB15WoVWsaEa68Fv0BXumZuWa4XtD16fDzVg7KfPDdDSDAYXI4mkwNOVGDqWFqQ7nQPnC+8qXqCyOP.uBacVF+DgZHSzneuULWGBLeLl6o7V8jbYBnCyEaEQE5v3L7jAbuvWEK08hEZdffuZPzT.rPyHjlMWG6NU4xLuEVMxGFeyz3TdjIK7CFba6pGd7Ay+0Sl+yZy+9viV.svtiLe8i6V4Clx+h1sa+u1im2f8SSJ1fA0izyLuD2IwPhO2yS.8UQbSzUXOwuiqSBL0JC1UO32N4Oe+O+b+hqRHDe1kE2rDg0W9kI6.FwE9QZjac8wUCD58sdcDX6AiXX52NZJdNBtbJ3MPkXO4eNJEGnq7hEL8xS4MqyxTXHbwwolYlRLPlUjTavn+pqcz+ZG77YR26Y0mqcmrd9t0Z3KNB5+a9lsHcWq13qQWcNYKY046+ut0bCnxqTwlAV8XX6A1rXcVruCNJxEPlHkfHxLtaKy3tT4pFYSlwAjdIBWiexTVyHSyTVatRrwzMT8V2zUBlU0eYBBxIYx+RoL92kPY6E6BL7FeJveqqqIQ700Hj06wQarGeyF6wi1XONdi83warGOYi83auAOLSZeQLt+J8YABzucxBHJssjgcUIcfj+FzDoqOH

  • @d-healey Thanks Dear david , I Could do that by my Self , Thought that May be There is a scripting way So we can customize That White box

  • @Natanr Only by editing the HISE source code I believe.

  • @d-healey Thank you Sir 👏 Will Keep that white and stay away from fire 🙃

  • I would love to be able to edit the color size and placement of this box(placement within the floating tile)
    I can take it down to a certain level in size but I need it smaller , and its also not in the top left corner of the floating tile which limits placement possibilities

    Also think that the arrows are redundant or I would like to be able to remove them. I could possibly make space for that thing and live with the white , but it will not go further up due to not being at 0,0 in the floating tile.

  • @lalalandsynth You can place it inside a smaller panel with negative offset which then acts as a mask 😉

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