Auto Looping

  • How about adding batch auto-looping to HISE? The code is already available -

  • Nice find!

    The files AutoLooping.h and AutoLooping.cpp seem to be self-contained and could be used in another project (the rest of it depends on another GUI library called wxwidgets, which I don't want to embed for obvious reasons).

    The library is GPL, so it should be no problem embedding it into the HISE Development code (it won't be included in compiled plugins, but that's OK, because by then you should have your loop codes).

    There's much on my plate right now, but I'll take a look at it when I find the time (I was playing around with writing such an algorithm myself, because it's not too complicated, but this might be a viable candidate).

  • @christoph-hart Yeah, no rush at all!

    I've been using Loop Auditioneer for a while to find loop points on my close mic samples, then I reimport the samples back into Reaper to apply the same loop points to the other mic positions. If it was built in to HISE it would be a smoother process. I've had to compile it myself to get it to run on Linux Mint 64bit and have had some troubles with the wx library so getting rid of that dependency is also a bonus 🙂

  • It could actually use all channels to find the best loop point (just looking in the close mics might create clicks on the other channels).

  • @christoph-hart Yeah as long as the loop points it settles on are the same across all mics to avoid phasing/chorusing. The XFade also helps to hide the seams nicely. Is there a way to enable/disable looping via scripting? Or a way to limit the number of times the sample is looped?

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