Initial loading values of GUI elements in aax when plugin is opened....

  • There is an issue with AAX fx plugin initial loading settings.
    Normally initial loading settings of GUI elements in the exported VST and AU plugins (in host) are from saved xml file in HISE.

    But AAX plugins doesn't load like that. They load with default values of the every GUI element.

    • Can we load pre defined user preset when plugin is opened? (I'm using directly Engine.loadUserPreset("BankX/CategoryX/Preset 1"); format in on init but it doesn't work)

    • Or you can change default values of the sliders, like in initial settings that you want. But what about buttons and combo boxes? because they don't have default values? What am I missing?

  • administrators

    The defaultValue property of sliders should be used there, but buttons and comboboxes are indeed just set to zero.

    I got away in my cases because in my projects, every button was off by default, but I might add a defaultValue property for all other component types soon.

  • It would be great @Christoph-Hart . Thank you so much bro...

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