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  • @Christoph-Hart I love Lua.. I find it to be the best language ever. It simplifies so much of the syntax complexity of most languages and retains all of the flexibility and power, and it apparently runs insanely fast and efficiently when benchmarked against other scripting languages.. LuaJIT comes close to C++ speeds.

    I actually think the only main things Lua does that might be annoying you are all the extra syntax required in C/JS like ; and {} and declaring variable types.

    but somehow Lua manages to work fantastically well dispensing with all of that. I've written a few apps using CODEA for iOS which uses Lua, and the more I studied it, the more I loved how much it makes life simpler. Their Tables object is insane.. its the most easy to use complex flexible array/struct/class/blob type object that can contain any type of data or functions, and even metamethods that can be driven by looking for an index thats not there or custom definitions for dealing with '+' and '*' '&' and other operators being used on your custom object.. its absurd how much you can do quite easily.. and I don't think I ever experienced any 'undefined' behavior like you would if you wrote to a cpp array location outside the assigned space.

    Funny enough now as I have been learning JS in depth the past few months I find myself often thinking "Damn I miss Lua, wish I could use it for everything" which you sort of can with some npm packages that I have seen. and you can cross compile/convert between the two.. Dunno if that would be useful for you, but there are a few converters.

    @ulrik My friend Huseyn has been raving about Reaper for a while and I checked it out, it really is incredible, extremely configurable sytle with skins and you can even write custom plugins inside it, down to single sample DSP .. right inside the daw. I'm gonna download it now and install it on my new machine.

    Good work

  • @macromachines Ha, ok then I have to try it out since everybody talks so nicely about it, thank you for the feedback!

  • @macromachines said in Tuning samples:

    Funny enough now as I have been learning JS in depth the past few months I find myself often thinking "Damn I miss Lua, wish I could use it for everything"

    Welcome to the other side. If you multiply your statement with -1, then you get exactly what I think of Lua / Javascript 🙂

  • Indeed, hehe. I totally get it, I can relate to some degree how having a long history with a language can make moving to another feel uncomfortable, in this context though doesn't reaper support a few scripting languages? I feel like they have Python and Perl.. Did they somehow miss JS??? I thought they had some kind of JS support.

    I think Javascript is cool, and I have been learning it more lately to realize some web projects. I have also been learning C# for unity and digging deeper into C++ newer features that are utilized in JUCE now. I guess if anything I do think its worth giving Lua a chance as it is a pretty awesome, insanely tiny and very fast language with only a handfull of key syntax differences, most of which are reducing the number of keystrokes required to make things. Haven't tried Python, but I think it is similar in that respect.

  • I actually tried embedding Lua in the very early stages of HISE but went for the custom Javascript interpreter because i could tweak it to my needs - modifying the Lua code is a Pita.

  • @christoph-hart said in Tuning samples:

    modifying the Lua code is a Pita.

    when you say modifying the Lua code, do you mean extending Lua and connecting it with C++ functions to create the custom API for scripting HISE?

    I did see that JUCE has a built in javascript engine, I hadn't noticed this before so not sure if its new or not. I'm curious if that formed the basis for your HISE JS scripting?

  • I'm curious if that formed the basis for your HISE JS scripting?

    I'll let this guy answer your question 🙂

  • @christoph-hart Will you be going to ADC in London this year?

  • Most likely yes. I‘ll also plan to make another talk - if they accept my proposal 😉

  • @christoph-hart Great, not sure I'll make the conference (I'm not that interested in other JUCE stuff, just HISE, so the price isn't worth it for me) but I could take a trip to London and buy you a coffee.

  • @christoph-hart they should - that 2016 one was pretty awesome.

  • @d-healey @Christoph-Hart - make that two for coffee...damn cant count that would be three...

  • what about HDC18 ? 😉

  • Finally got around to booking my tickets, I'll be there from the 19th to the 21st, hope to see you 🙂

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