Audio Loop Player Pitch Glitch

  • I have my audio loop player set to 4 bars and loop enabled,

    first of all, the global tempo BPM setting does not appear to affect the playback rate. Expected behavior was that changing the value of the BPM would modify the pitch of the Audio Loop Player so that it would loop in time with the set length in the Loop Player.

    Most of the time the file appears to play back in its native pitch / time, but sometimes it will jump to being pitched up. This seems to happen regularly if I drag along the notes of the keyboard at the bottom, the playback will jump in pitch.

    I tried with a few loops that are somewhat long ( > 30sec). I didn't see much available documentation on the Audio Loop Player to learn more.

  • Pretty old post, but im having the same issue... any solution?

  • Still having an issue with this...

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