2 questions, multiple preset browsers and more...

  • I have a project that I'm working on that includes an arpeggiator, Wavesynth, Audio Loop Player and several FX, for this project I would like to be able to have a preset browser for each "modul", one for the arp, one for the wave synth etc... that will store a preset for just that "module" only, and then one "Global preset browser that will store all preset enabled content in the project.
    Is it possible to do that?

    My second question concern the Arpeggiator, is there parameters for changing "Note Length", "Velocity" and "Note numbers"? while playing except with the mouse? I would like the user to have the possibility to, via midi CC control those parameters, (midi learn) and also when building this project, assign some of the parameters to LFO's, is this possible?

    I have searched the documentation for Hise and also the forum but I have not found anything about this subjects.

    Here is the project that I am working on that I would like to expand with this xtras:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/sskx1cvt4turd3z/Arpeggiator FX.zip?dl=0

    Regards Ulrik

  • Oh I forgot to ask about one issue I'm having with this project.
    I have two pages in this plugin (Main Page and Filter Page) and, at the moment, only 1 preset browser, the preset browser is visible on both pages.
    When I load a preset the plugin always change to Main Page, if I'm on the Filter Page and load a preset I don't want the project to flip over to the Main Page

    Forget about this question, I sorted it out, I had the "Switch Pages Buttons" enabled in "saveInPreset", sorry 🙂

  • I've added a example in the tutorial repository how to use "sub presets". You can't use the global preset system for this, but there's another solution which is not too hacky.


    In order to change all Arpeggiator velocity / length values, use a SliderPack, connect it to the Arp's SliderPack (if you don't want to show it, just set visible to false), and then use SliderPack.setAllValues() in the control callback of the Knob:

    HiseSnippet 1127.3ocsW80aaaCDmxwra1YtMon.6g8hPdXvAnyvdqMa.CC0wNMCdoIwHJKHOTf.ZIZahPQpIQkEuh9EaOsOR6av1Q8GKoEEOoAL8j3w69c+timNdZpuzlFDH8QFstbkGEY7YXqUB0xwKILAZxQHimhOkDnn9lwhFsxiDDPcPFFa8iZAFsZhhd9y2LhvIBaZlHD5JIyl9NlKSkI0a3ILN+XhC8RlaNse0vI1RwXIWFB7YKbejGw9VxB5YDsZMvHC7acXJoukhnnAfNijNqrVJ+UQr9WwBXy3T8hAHK.nXwnwKYbmoowZ.BYzbZVjuUbj+B7oLG1Z4YYfch1vLyh74.iFEoTyBTZviQoikbGM.OB8ZjidMio2tXKaelmJaGM21FOQ.GNyIPZOOsh0E032MvikfFBUOWxszi8gEqsn6A86+RyW2u+9eem1cZCI+.k4cDeSKNyg5OEx9CL+AyT.VPUiktdRArn6d4zYuX66zlI3LA0bdnvVwjBSo3PeuqnboMSsRCiuj20NEiWB9hGR2uS6Ozocqb30KfpNjyuRuaP2Xk.OXBOcZ+wHeUNmx4s81WiRhOGS37Y.xcKiPZnyw3yjJ54ht629Csa09iOXm4yKaqDn3T+x1UWl6uAy5JBcmQ8SyGI5Am7EKsdR0JsriSM4TTJlHXpy8nIqyJ9FTRwGJI2pKCSHHnpJpH7oIEgwGVHF.RGbtTJJJBx9j9rgn0PzLFhmW.B84cBL4J.RgAaz..wgnHHiu.O3fdvyrQG1q2cSNBd0cZ7ZD5mmbjVInxOg7P.4Q8ULcdy3H5cPWn3OiZgOhFbqR5EEcIUNHiOohw28ZRcMPpU5W9R3EWx8qi2+3lgPqROK1uoIOdPu9H2hsHQ474SpQBIyGn2LbUlCe+PuzitIojktXAi.0MnL.lHbn2mbf+vNeEsR2VonjB861ZSsfGT8Vv4Jyd1iUlMJTojhnzwSwwrHQz+nNKAt+EL5fufBMEJBA1XilmqR3Y3yBcszmuwxVCPyJBv1Xs0QbnFAPN.1IB.qaYOfBFULE.HH8UmPWU+DYw.wiRcNQHmkQgsKy3cRLFJ6mIGIuOxbnhm9KgTXTg0hqVfT3yxysUj6nWPDKn0+rrE1ZY374b5lR.ati0KfnvkcI7wbtMd.ZEadUxSM7WZWnp6uRaVVQ+8b76nhEpkU1ayuU6sq9IvaWKmFuthUD6hgwsDBJ2hxo15dNatfnTP9b74gJuP0lg5gSVAy2IcB45Vc4G5SOcaxFvs0EZBpmfRDnuOHWq8ZLIX+RmDrzKiqHc2EOkorWVNeaTBe02t++LeWe6xamOGNIxHaS7wW+ecH5ZPkKjgJlXwoDkOSeust6M7qEPWm3BjfzALRV2OsAhEU3Ds3ufmjMGjV.o2bP5lvs+19xariKO0St+oQR.NIh9okVveOAqMWORil2tvuSbissNQ7UCPnxs3qqsEeSss3U01hWWaKNn1V7s01huaCVn+2sCCUR23OKPn+FnwgKDM

    Now connecting knobs to an LFO is not possible at the moment, although I have an idea how to do this. I'll play around with it and see if it works.

  • @christoph-hart Beautiful, I'll play with this when I get home, thanks!

  • @christoph-hart said in 2 questions, multiple preset browsers and more...:

    and then use SliderPack.setAllValues() in the control callback of the Knob:

    What about controlling only one of the sliders, now I use "setAllValues" what if I only would like to control the third or the fourth sliders, how would I accomplish that, and is it even possible?

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