Filter is allways on top...

  • Hi,
    On the main fx module, the monophonic filter sits allways top on the fx chain.

    Couldn't we put the filter wherever we want? (At least for fx plugins) It is a very important thing because we don't allways want the filter to be the first on the fx chain.

  • Yeah, the Monophonic filter is another effect type called MonophonicEffect which is rendered before the other effects called MasterEffect. To be honest, it is about 4-5 years ago since I wrote that code so I don't know why I decided to do that 🙂

    But you can always use a CurveEQ at every place you want...

  • @christoph-hart Maybe you put there because of the envelope triggering modulation for samplers and synths. Anyway, filter sounds great! Yes eq is a choice for using. But please take this a future request, since there are lots of real world filter models, variations and easy usage in filter module, if it is possible it would be great to see filters on middle of the fx chain in the future....

  • Ah, now I know why I did this. The filter needs to divide the buffer in case of an incoming midi message, while the other master effects render the whole audio buffer at once.

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