Set 2 VelocityCurves with 1 table

  • Hi!
    For my plugin that I'm building, I want the user to be able to set the velocity curve in the user interface. I have one AudioLoopPlayer and one Wavesynth and I want to set the same velocurve for both.
    I thought I was able to attach a Velocity modulator to the container but the option is not available so I have 2 velomods which I want to control with only one Table, is that possible? And if so, how do I do it?

    I also have a similar issue, I want to control the intensity for 2 lfo's with only one knob, is it possible?

  • @ulrik Yes this is possible, but you'll need to script it, it can't be done using the parameter assignment in the interface designer.

  • @d-healey Ok, thank you I will try.

  • You canโ€˜t connect a table to two modules, even with scripting. Use the Global modulator system for this, this is exactly what itโ€˜s made for.

  • @christoph-hart Ok I see, thank you I will try it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Here's a example patch:

    HiseSnippet 1317.3oc6Y8tbaSDD+jsEMIk1IcZfgAX.MLvLoSKAaSZJE9P9icbFOMN1D6j19oNWjNGeDo6DRmbqggmLdI3C7.viPeCf8NIGIEKbiccJYHQeHi2818tc2a282pnVdbShuO2CoMemAtDj16q2d.SzqROLkgpWEoca8FXeAwyHj0VCbw99DKjlV9cjLzlu.R87502BaiYljXVHzgbpIYWpCUDy0cimPssqgsHcnNIjd0MpaxYU317.vdxqWD4hMOAeLYOrTrb5HM8ssnBtWaAVP7QZE1haMncO9KYgxeH0mdjMQRTB0F1nP1031VRKV9aTkdTaqVC8aeDR6FshiB4CiBKo2fZQOkebzXQ0BFwZjLdnkablWooz7zRXdEBMu6n21zi5JhWQZa2TuNCtn5hgqfjlUnrHseWuBGDfIVwAeBolGPbpBKuVwhOv3gEKduena.yTP4LCNaOtfzjs78V3WWX9E9sEN6Jc6l0RxCwiaaS7xZU4Ut2XTaYVfyQDuGXzGaGPFJG34oCsu24KzZF5vIDjypynhltjH53feoLB9nnHl7ZHx.ASQntDtUzkPGr7fovdLmt52kPJaOYYfEVfQZGnuVwUR+zu4uP129w8WSfezfe54cK1bus5U89qDrlX0Jp067pm8iJ5xgzve5deopOtxp69DZSD5f5UkaejIBVK3AtDOAUFnzpR5Ckfg4MyqWk3ehf6pj0wkyj9l1MdiNzqfROsu.bjAxe7gxh3gQo5VxxkCI1bSpXfQCtUfMFtoPujZI5IEewbHTOB83dBI0eJiGilRCEVC0LY0lrESzBPZRpzZYtKyGNyjsflfRvhYVBlYVv4zbuidKpvrW11atLrW3N6h1diZncK8s61kXJhM1B50d1z18Z5Lk4BMkOVeGa9QX63.Hj0BVEIrK1mFsbbljQr.+6nO+wrG8QKe5.R9yWOmLZgW3+.DlYe58cG4lwelVPNkXhQoUKbZOHkwlYKo2n0dfOIr6WBd0Y8gloRkhSrpRLoGQjovoy2hNR0dT8Brm+YipScp4Lo0V9qls11mGHnriafEdTI.4dANsglGlDvRXLhsuDtKmbHhP5hRZYjoMgYoH9a3IZwRRZsnEKMbwjt6sCc2ap2FZEpFRW4refh13o39DicHPSxQxzuvaT1zT.mdGOLy2k6mZiaSbncfwL7SxDpxp4Q948kIRI4Wgi8xboWudMvGyTm1XQfmJibSGd.SjJC7LMv0OeUIom4Hg7iOe3+Ic4uPm4ZBZwmq0Hua5hPptiqMYanirMLhaTmopjt3.awobSZvM3LtaONiZlLwXeBTxd7wDuz84yv21THf2AMlyRarOwlfSljarwtPxI1KMXvngkoe7Asy4U2GoGZtFxBViKUiMGAR+IQiPn52.GlmHFbV5Ae1vQLTBXnjX5vukBLD2FpFiAj+J8xqNBfbB.VEs789XD0qlhz9lwLQ52mwTFWCNe0CbdogfyRb3Xv4kTzc4dNWRvlKkbmOyZkSOgqHfkV7PVojR5c0.uKgbyswPlkSxrElkZy.5T6TC4szPx+Z8sYxJ11DvarZ5aBNaXoUbodq.aexSk+OFJkTwX1kSx9riBT3sbTfL5RqeM7+UQ3+u7Z3+YF7+mOV3+xWi+eM9+LucG.7bInV4cw3JuKNCGroG+ElgepDYyq4Tb.+lo9Hdyq2PRab52HQFab.rvWXZJyM9ZH5jsFkmXM91IViUmXMd3DqwZSrFOZh036FiFxAO1LPvcBy2Qn+Af4oR+.

  • @christoph-hart Thank you, I will soon check it out.

  • @christoph-hart It works great, thank you!

  • @Christoph-Hart Christoph, sort of on a similar topic, would you use the Global modulator system if you wanted to give the user the ability and flexibility of assigning the same modulators to different parameters in different modules as they see fit? Say, for instance, I wanted the user to be able to be setup their own modulation routing so they could decide to modulate the phaser rate by "LFO 1"? And then they could use that same "LFO 1" and assign it to modulate the cutoff on a filter module? But, I don't want to pre-bake the routings, I want them to be able to set it up for themselves.

  • Yes, I am doing exactly this for the modulation matrix in HEXERACT.

    You can dynamically create global modulator receivers via scripting, however this is an advanced procedure and rather complicated to understand (you have to be very careful about the order of your elements to restore this correctly when you switch presets).

  • @christoph-hart OK. I already knew I was in over my head but it's good to know that I'm WAY in over my head.

    I started out just wanting to build a simple sampler I could throw my custom samples in that wouldn't require too much scripting and could be DAW agnostic.

    But now I'm only going to be satisfied by trying to rebuild an emulation of EXS24 with some added features. Guess I better get a lot better at scripting. ๐Ÿ˜ž

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