Range of slider linked to container gain

  • I want to control the gain of a container using a slider. To do this using the processor ID and parameter ID dropdown method in the interface designer I need to set the range of the slider to 0-1. However this doesn't tie with the range of the container's slider -100-0. This would be fine except I'd like to display the correct dB value on the slider (I'm using the native slider control).

    I could do this via scripting using the conversion function and everything would match but it would be nice if the processor ID system could be used for this purpose.

  • This can't be changed without breaking everything, so it's not an option unfortunately. Use a simple gain instead, this gets you also a crackle free movement.

  • @christoph-hart Darn, no problem. I came up with another solution, hide the slider text and place a label over it with custom text. I don't want to use a simple gain for this as the idea is to set the volume of each articulation and then just leave them so the crackle shouldn't be a problem.

  • Actually this won't work I just realised. This is related in a way to my other thread about set value >> parameters. If I have the control linked to a parameter I can't update a label when it's moved because the callback won't be triggered 😞

  • I guess you have to write a control callback for the slider then and use Engine.getGainFactorForDecibels to convert to the required 0...1 range.

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