How to use the FloatingTile "FilterDisplay" to display Harmonic Filter

  • Hi!
    Could someone explain how to make the Harmonic Filter show up in the user interface?
    I tried a couple of times using the FloatingTile "Filter Display" and connect it to the Harmonic Filter but I am lost.
    Is there a tutorial somewhere around maybe? I don't even know how to change "ProcessorId" to Harmonic Filter, as soon as I try and then hit compile the information about ProcessorId get lost.
    I know I'm a really noob and I don't know much about scripting so if anybody could point me in the right direction I really would appreciate it.
    Regards Ulrik

  • @ulrik I don't think there is a way to display it on the user interface, most of the FX are only there behind the scenes and you need to build a user interface that links to it, but Christoph is magical so maybe he can provide a way to add FX to the front end UI.

  • @d-healey Ok, so I have to make a link for every parameter I guess?, that's ok but I don't know how to link the different displays from the filter to the user interface, is it possible you think?

  • The UI elements in the Harmonic Filters are SliderPacks, but I forgot to promote them to the interface. I'll add this, then you can add them on your interface and change colorus etc.

  • @christoph-hart Beautiful, thanks a lot!!
    The Harmonic Filter is powerful

  • Yes, it's also quite a CPU hog, especially in its polyphonic version 🙂

  • @christoph-hart Hi!
    I have now been able to connect to all parameters in the Harmonic Filter and control them in the user interface, except for Spectrum A and Spectrum B, is it possible to connect SliderPacks to them now?

  • Now you can...

    I realised there weren't even parameter IDs for the Harmonic filter, so how did you connect it? Did you use magic numbers?

  • @christoph-hart Haha, no I caught a trick from d.healey how to find out what id the different parameters had, like a trial and error...
    Thank you for fixing this, it's so fun to use Hise and you're doing a fantastic job with expanding the possibilities with it!! 🙂

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