IR Loader Doesn'twork & Some Errors....

  • @staiff I'm not making a plugin that uses common IR sample styles (Hall, room, plate..etc). I'm just building a speacial IR loader stuff that it simulates special (hard or impossible to find their IR samples) speakers. Like 1950 grampophone, vintage phone...etc... You think just like on your usage. But there is not a one way. So everyone's purpose is different, user's will be different too....

  • @orange

    ooooooooh like "speakerphone" (don't remember the developer name)

    i unsterstand now.

    i remember i had the same problem with rackafx new system. stuked by the C++ possibility.

    but why don't you create an "open" system with external IR that you can put with your plugin. (?)

    in this case you could update your IR library independently of your plugin if no update needed ?

    and in this case create 1 - plugin section (with updates) and 1 IR file section (with updates)

    you kill two birds with one stone, as they say in French

    wow, not sure for the translate after reading it πŸ˜‰

  • I've took a look at the project you sent me. The problem was that the metadata of your impulse responses contained weird values (the loop range was 12303425723456345 samples), so it created a ridiculously high impulse response and crashed πŸ™‚

    I've added a protection to the metadata parser that prevents this kind of malfunction.

    Apart from that everything is working fine.

  • Thank you so much Christoph, I appreciate it...
    But did you export the project as AU unit? Logic Pro X gives this error when startup (validation error); 😞

    # # # 34 Global Scope Parameters:
    WARNING: retrievedValue = 1.000000 (was 1.000000), Parameter did not retain maximum value when set
    WARNING: retrievedValue = nan (was nan), Parameter did not retain default value when set
    ERROR: Parameter values are different since last set - probable cause: a Meta Param Flag is NOT set on a parameter that will change values of other parameters.
    * * FAIL

    NOTE: I've removed all metadata tags from IR samples....

  • Hello @Christoph-Hart

    I saw this thread on Juce forum about AU validation fail, maybe it helps to solve this issue. Please help 😞

    How are you declaring your parameters? Are you using AudioProcessorParameter? You seem to have stripped some output from auval too, but essentially auval is trying to set values on one your parameters but the value being returned doesn’t match what was set and in the last case it returned nan !

  • I need to debug your project in order to find out, there is some weird empty string to double casting going on somewhere.

  • @christoph-hart Thank you,
    If you deleted my project, you can still download from the same link.

  • Nope still have it but I donβ€˜t have time today. Iβ€˜ll try to look at it tomorrow.

  • Alright, I've fixed the AU validation for this project. The reason was that you were using buttons in a radio group as plugin parameters and Logic expects all parameters that change other parameters to be marked as Meta Parameter or the au validation fails - so in this case the error message was actually right, which happens in like 1% of all cases.

    From now on, all buttons that are in a radio group are automatically propagated as meta parameters, however I've added a isMetaParameter which must be manually set for all parameters that change other controls in their control callback.

  • @christoph-hart Wow it works like a charm πŸ™‚ πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ
    I've disabled "isPluginParameter" in all of the radiogroups buttons. I don't know what "isMetaParameter" does but it's disabled too.

    But AU plugin passed the validation. You are genious Christoph πŸ™‚

    Am I making something bad with disabling "isMetaParameter"?