newb question on sampler functions

  • Trying to build my first sample instrument using mostly built in modules and very little scripting. I've got my initial sample map set up in "Sampler1" with all my settings like 'SampleEnd', 'LoopEnd', 'SampleStartMod' dialed in. But, I want to use the "release trigger" script that's built in, so I've created a second sampler module ("Sampler2") and copied the sample map from "Sampler 1". I've also added the release trigger midi script to this second sampler module. The problem is that when I modify the sample setting like 'sample start' or 'enable loop' in this second module it seems to mirror it in the first sampler module. I've made sure I've only had the samples in the second module selected, and have even created and loaded a duplicate sample map with a different name, but it doesn't seem to change this behavior.

    I'm sure this is obvious but how do I make it so the samples in sampler2 have different settings than sampler1?

  • Actually you‘ve found a weak spot in HISE. Currently all samples share a reference to the file in order to save memory but this means that you can‘t use different sample start values as it has only one prebuffer.

    But that request came up a few times, I‘ll think about making this possible.

  • @christoph-hart ok thanks for the clarification. I thought I was going nuts.

    So the solution for right now is to have a duplicate set of samples edited to the release tails. Easy enough, just have to put that step into my workflow.


  • Yes that is how @d-healey got around this issue too...

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