au plugin crashes Logic 10.4.1

  • Hi!

    au plugins compiled with latest Hise build (18-04-02), crashes Logic Pro X 10.4.1.
    Also compiled versions of Hise au plugin will not launch in Logic, see attached pictures

    0_1522666119287_Screenshot 2018-04-02 kl. 12.36.02.png
    0_1522666143787_Screenshot 2018-04-02 kl. 12.36.46.png
    Here are the crash log file from Logic when the plugin "Recorders" crash Logic Pro X_2018-04-02-123744_UlriksiMac.crash?dl=0

    It seems that this crashing started when I build the latest Hise from source code 18-04-02, before that build I was able to load compiled plugins in Logic without any problems.

    I'm on iMac running MacOS 10.13.4
    Regards Ulrik

  • Thanks I‘ll take a look at it ASAP

  • Hi!
    I don't know If you have fixed this in the new code but I've built again (18-04-03) and know changed the arch type in Xcode to "default for this computer" and also Xcode version 9.2 and now it's working fine again 👍

    Regards Ulrik

  • @christoph-hart
    I was a bit too optimistic, I still have the same behaviour with generated au plugins crashing Logic

    Regards Ulrik

  • Hmm. The problem is that your crash report is not symbolicated (when you export plugins it strips the names of the functions to make it harder for crackers to navigate in the binary).

    It would be helpful if you recompile the project including the symbols. In order to do this you need to do the following steps:

    1. Export the instrument as usual, but as soon as the terminal window pops up, cancel it.

    2. Head over to the Binaries subfolder of your project, which contains the Projucer file called AutogeneratedProject.jucer. Open this with the Projucer app (which is located in the HISE source folder under tools/projucer.

    3. On the left panel, click on Exporters, then open the XCode (MacOSX) -> Release configuration.

    4. Scroll down and remove the tick at the box that says Strip local symbols:

    5. Click on File -> Save project and open in IDE.

    6. Compile the plugin directly in XCode (Product -> Build For -> Profiling).

    7. Relaunch logic and try to reload the plugin. This time, the crash report should contain more useful method names 🙂

  • @christoph-hart
    Ok, thanks for the explanation, I will do as you said and report back later.

  • @christoph-hart
    This is the crash report for Logic crashing trying to load my "recorders" au plugin, I hope it shows more than last report. Pro X_2018-04-04-104008_Ulriks-jobbet.crash?dl=0


  • Hi again, I have also buildt the "debug" version of the plugin and, after cleaning the au-cache, I installed it and Logic opened it without any problems, strange...?

    And why is it so that the Debug version is 80,9 mb and the Release version is only 31,8 mb?

    Regards Ulrik

  • Hmm, unfortunately the crash report is still stripped so either this didn't work or Logic didn't clean the cache (BTW Logic is the worst when it comes to developing because it constantly uses older versions of the plugin or stops loading the plugin for no reason if you don't increment the version number with each build).

    The debug version is much bigger (and MUCH slower) because it is not optimised and contains all symbols.

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