Invisible samples

  • I mapped my samples, merged the mics, trimmed them, saved as a sample map and monolith, and edited the XML so it was SaveMode=2 instead of 1, but when I load the sample map back in to HISE I get no samples triggered and I see this:

    0_1521723717506_Screenshot from 2018-03-22 13-00-07.png

    Update: I just did the process of mapping, merging, trimming, and saving again and it seems to be okay now.... also I think the SaveMode=1 thing only happens after trimming and resaving but I could be wrong.

  • same thing for me since 1.5.0

    So now i only working in savemode = 1. and only when finishing my project i save my samples as .ch1 (savemode = 2)

    not happened with all my samples, but some of them.

    if you open your samplemap (.xml file) and resave it with save 1, you''ll open it again with old .wav (or else format) samples. Not lost 😉

  • @staiff This doesn't work for me unfortunately. When I set it back to save mode 1 the sample map opens in a purged state and HISE won't load the samples.

  • I've just experienced this as well.

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