Breaking Change: SliderPack property `ProcessorId`

  • Hi everybody,

    unfortunately there was a typo in the property that connects a SliderPack to a module which effectively duplicated the property and left the old one (processorId) without functionality which is pretty misleading.

    The only reasonable fix for this is to remove the property ProcessorId (spelled with uppercase). If your project is using SliderPacks this means that you have to reconnect them using the processorId property which is shared by all control elements.

    Let me know if you run into other problems because of this, but I think there were many occasions where this lead to confusion so in the long run it might be better to just take the hit now.

  • i deleted my old sliderpacks and replaced by new ones. Of course the sliderpacks have default value (0,1) so i put the min and max as desired in UIJSONData (-12,12 for notelabel, 1,127 for velo, 0,100 for length,etc. ...)

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