Set table point at index

  • I'd like to be able to set the point of a table at a given index, like we can for sliders in a slider pack. I'd also like to be able to trigger a table's control callback from another script using the setAttribute command, currently it doesn't seem to work.

  • If you connect the table to a module, you can use Synth.getTableProcessor() and use the API methods from this object to change it programatically (I think you did that with your Crossfade Design script).

    But currently if it's a disconnected table that's used only in the script itself, it won't work. Maybe I'll add this though. What's your use case?

  • @christoph-hart Well as it turns out I don't think in my particular use case I'm going be able to use this anyway (I've been experimenting with a slider pack) but I shall explain it anyway.

    In my main GUI script I have a CC remapper, so the user can send CC1 to CC11 for example, and I use a table to allow them to adjust the curve/skew of the CC values. One table per CC (the instrument only uses about 5 CCs).

    What I want to do though is defer the MIDI callbacks in my GUI script and decouple the MIDI parts, such as this CC remapper into a separate non-deferred script. I'd then use the GUI script to set the CC mapping up in this other script which will actually handle the redirection of the CC data but I'd need to be able to pass the table values across as well.

    Will deferring this CC mapping stuff actually make a big efficiency difference?

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