Vanishing Combo Box

  • I have a couple of scripts that aren't main interface scripts, and for some reason the combo boxes on their interfaces randomly disappear. I haven't been able to reproduce it in a controlled way. If I reload the script (copy and paste it into a new script processor) the combo boxes are visible again.

    const var map = [];
    const var ccs = [];
    for (i = 1; i < 128; i++)
        map.push(i); //Fill midilist map with default values
    const var cmbOrigin = Content.addComboBox("cmbOrigin", 10, 10);
    cmbOrigin.set("text", "Origin");
    cmbOrigin.set("items", ccs.join("\n"));
    const var cmbTarget = Content.addComboBox("cmbTarget", 160, 10);
    cmbTarget.set("text", "Target");
    cmbTarget.set("items", ccs.join("\n"));function onNoteOn()
    function onNoteOff()
    function onController()
    function onTimer()
    function onControl(number, value)
    	switch (number)
            case cmbOrigin:
            case cmbTarget:
                map[cmbOrigin.getValue()] = value; //Set the target for the current origin

    0_1520877355673_Screenshot from 2018-03-12 17-54-33.png

  • To be honest it's quite some time that I have worked on a script that isn't an interface so it might be possible that something slipped in there. Does rebuilding the interface using the refresh button solve the problem?

    Also try replacing the calls to AddComboBox() with getComponent(). Maybe something's fishy there.

  • @christoph-hart I considered using the getComponent() function instead but because these are external scripts that I'm linking to I don't think that will work since the controls won't have been created. Pressing the refresh button didn't solve it, the only thing that does is reloading the script or reconnecting to the external script.

  • This one has started haunting me again. I've made a video to demonstrate the issue:

    (is there a way to embed YouTube links in posts?)

  • This is fixed now.

    You need to rebuild HISE from scratch (Resave from Projucer), I am now using the juce_dsp module.

  • @christoph-hart Yippie! Thank you, I will give it a spin

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