Latest Hise version Exported FX Plugins Doesn't Work (Solved)

  • It's weird; I've compiled latest Hise (with new Analyser module). All exported fx plugins (which ones are previously working in older Hise exports) doesn't work! I don'tknow why, everything is the same. Plugins are working in Hise, but when they exported, there is no sound and it also crashes. Musicbox sampler works. DynamicsFX works...

  • If you send me your project folder, I'll take a look. There were a few changes including changing the routing system for multichannel things and this might affect plugins that have more than 2 channels on the master container (which I think you did for getting Send FX).

  • Thank you bro.

    Yes they have multiple channels. By the way, I recompiled with old Hise version now. And they still doesn't work. It's really weird, I can't understand what's going on....

    Not: the projects are not completed, (especailly product page :))

  • You are probably using the current source code for compilation and a mismatch between the source code and the compiled HISE version is always a random generator of the funniest bugs.

    I'll take a look at them now.

  • Please check the latest commit (make sure you use the new source code for compilation), I think it should work now.

  • .........

  • This post is deleted!

  • It's solved.
    There is a strange behaviour on Juce. If you have another copy of Hise-master folder in somewhere in harddisk and if you've opened it's project file before; Juce remembers it even if you've opened latest version of Hise; and compiles upon older version.

    If you open another different Juce project, close and open Hise project again, it is ok. Very strange.

    The last build for multiple outputs works bro. thank you so much... 😉

  • so how do you you fix this. the wording you used is vague.

    i have multiple locations of hise master i have opened. how can i ensure i am compiling the latest version? i pulled from the git repo

  • I solved this with using just one (latest version) Hise-master folder.
    If you want to archive older versions of Hise-master folders: you can zip them. And delete the folder.
    I've zipped older Hise versions without SDKs.
    If files are zipped, there will be no issue because of there is no folder and Juce will use just one option.

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