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  • What is the editable text box for below the search bar and can it be removed? Shows up dark green in the image below.

    Also the save preset button is a little strange. If I type a word, lets say "chicken" into the search box and hit Save Preset it pops up and says Select a Category, that makes sense, but it says that before I've even selected a bank, the list of categories is empty, and there doesn't appear to be a way to go back to the preset browser without opening and closing it or removing the text in the search box and hitting enter.

    Now suppose I do the same thing, I type "chicken" into the search box and hit Save Preset but this time I've already selected a bank and category. Now it pops up and just says no results, as if it was searching rather than saving.

    0_1520021293839_Screenshot from 2018-03-02 20-08-04.png

  • The editable box is the Notes Tab which can be used to add some informative text about the preset. We've used this in HEXERACT to indicate that some presets have special MIDI assignments etc.

    I think I can add a ShowNotes property to the JSON that allows to hide this though, no need to force verbosity...

    I'll recheck what's going on with the save preset button, but the search functionality is not 100% bulletproof (I hardly use it myself so things start to slip in).

  • Can you add other properties in user preset too for more user customisable UI? Such as:

    • Showing or not showing "Bank" column. (So the user can use last 2 ccolumns) - also disabling creating bank folder too.
    • Showing or not showing "Category" column - also disabling creating category folder too.
    • Only showing last column - also disabling creating bank & category folders too.
    • Preset manager font size customisation (not something likein floating title, because it doesn't adjusts all fonts)
    • Replacing the components in preset browser for custom UI look.

  • Please check this new thread:

    I think this might be a more practical solution for both of your use cases.

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