Parellel FX Chains with mixing Dry Signal Phase Problem...

  • Hello
    Here is a fx chain scenario.

    At the end of the chain, the processed and dry channels are mixed together with a Simple Gain. But in this construction, the sound will have a phase problem since they blend together. Because each chain line has a very small different delay times. How can we fix this? Can we calculate the delay between the each chain line relative to dry signal? Or what is the solution for this?


  • What effect modules are creating the delay? Normally there should be no latency except for when using delay type effects (obviously) like phaser, chorus and delay.

  • Dynamics, Limiter and Saturator (I'm not using wet amount on the unit because unit will be a member of the fx chain and we want to blend original signal) gives very very small delay and makes a phase problem when they used alone on parellel line.

    Also If we use this units in a arrayed fx line like above, it will give a little more latency because of the sum of the delays on each unit. But these latencies are very very small, I think they are smaller than 1 ms.

    When I tried to give little small delay on dry signal's simple gain unit, it's impossible to catch it. Also the latencies will be different on different computers I think.

    I use i7, 12GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 2x2GB Graphics PC.

  • I Just ran into this issue as well. I wish there was a way to measure the latency of each chain and then compensate for it.

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