VST FX don't work on FL Studio. (SOLVED with an update...)

  • The vsti plugins work smoothly but all the vst fx plugins give a noisy buzzy sound, similar to distortion.

  • Have you used the latest GitHub version? Last time I checked, the Dynamics FX example worked as it should be.

  • Yes I'm using latestt github version (1.5.1). I compiled it.
    Also, when I enable IPP it gives error when compilig. So I've disabled IPP when compilig.

    The Dynamics is not working, it gives a distorted buzzy sound.

    When compilig;

    • On the terminal: it gives yellow warning lines (Warning C4100 & C4101) Is it normal?

    • When exporting instruments & vst fx, HISE creates dll file. Do I need to use projucer after that, with autoganerated juce file, and compile it again? Is only HISE export enaugh? I've tried both options (1.Only HISE export & 2.JUCE build after HISE export) and both of them not working

    • When I use stripped image knobs on the plugin instruments and when I want to use it other computers, it says graphichs not founded. Is it normal?

  • Hello.
    Just an answer, please?

  • Sorry, I am pretty busy currently, but I'll try to check what's wrong with the DynamicsFX.

    About your bulletpoints:

    • Don't mind these warnings. The MS compiler is a bit verbose. From time to time I'll get rid of those, but it shouldn't affect the functionality.
    • The .dll you've exported is the final plugin. HISE just creates the intermediate projucer file to create the IDE project files for Xcode and VisualStudio.
    • Have you set "Embed AudioFiles in Plugin" to Yes in the Project Settings? If not, you'll need to distribute them along with your plugin (this is useful if you have a lot of additional resources that would blow up the plugin otherwise). However this should not be the default.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    But I think the problem is not the Dynamics FX. It gives the error all of the vst fx stuff. There is a bug with Hise, about IPP & VST FX export.

  • no problem at all with dynamic (or other fx) in my projects.
    but i use SDK 3.6.6 (not the actual 3.7) and VS2015 (not the 2017)

    for the IPP, stupid question but: before using it, have you installed the IPP on your computer ? (i said: stupid question)

  • Yes Staiff, I've downloaded & installed latest IPP on Intel's site. ı'm using latest versions, for all of them. (VS2017, SDK 3.7, Latest IPP...etc)

    • For Hise, which version do you use? Did you compiled Hise from source code, or do you use ready to use version?

    • If you don't mind, can you send me your compiled Hise version? maybe there is something wrong with the Hise I'm using.

    Best Regards...

  • Always use the matching HISE version to the source code you build the plugins with. Otherwise there's no guarantee that anything will work. So if you've downloaded the HISE version from the website, don't use the current source code (The release page on GitHub should contain a download link to the respective source code).

  • gasp 3.7 SDK ....

    before HISE i worked with rackafx (with VS2015 and SDK 3.6.6) and all worked fine. For now the latest Rackafx work with VS2017 and SDK 3.7 and all customers reports problems.

    so i use the 1.5.0 version of Hise (not the 1.5.1 because all work fine with the and like said my Grandma "if it works well, why change it to another ?") and of course the 3.6.6 of SDK.

    for Hise, Christoph has made the .exe installer and the source code, but i prefer just download the source code and compiling my .exe with the projucer files included in the source code. With this i'm sure to use the right/good version of all 😉

  • I've tried everything.

    • Uninstalled VS2017 and installed VS2015
    • Replaced SDK 3.7 with SDK 3.6.6
    • Used HISE versions; 1.5.2 - 1.5.0 - 1.1.2 - (Every version used with 2 variations: compiled from source code & used readty to use exe.
    • IPP 2018 update 1 removed. IPP 2017 update 3 installed (FX Plugin exported with IPP & without IPP. Both doesn't work)
    • Used DAW FL Studio 12. (I'vecompiled some libraries directly from Juce and they worked in FL studio. But when Hise exports anything as FX Plugin, it doesn't work)

    The sound is like high gained distorted! I really don't know what to do 😞

    Exported Reverb Plugin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uxnqidlxe98f5tr/Z5 x64.rar?dl=0

    By the way; VS2015 asked me Windows SDK 8.1 and I've installed it. Also I've upgraded VS2015 with upgrade v.3.

  • First of all you have another problem in your .dll
    the background image is not available:

    Reaper: idem
    alt text

    as you can see on the left my plugin have no problem (because using JSON data for pictures).

    i've also this kind of problem if i don't use JSON data for pictures.

    const var bgImage = Content.addImage("bgImage", 0, 0);
    // [JSON bgImage]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("bgImage", {
      "width": 505, // put your own size
      "height": 252, // idem
      "fileName": "{PROJECT_FOLDER}Background.png" // your own image - rename it with your .png image name
    // [/JSON bgImage]

    not sure, but it could cause the problem in the sound. as you could see, the settings of your reverb isn't available due to the image error.

  • Hmm

    Yes there is a graphical error for my project; but Dynamics FX example has the same sound. That is not made by me. Could be something different?

    Also when you click the error text, it show the knobs.

    This is the source code of this plugin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zm1mfdro9jbr703/Z5.rar?dl=0

    I would be so happy that you help me about this.

  • this project use all (or pretty close) of the HISE FX and works well ...

    so not sure that the FX cause directly problem.

    will download the project and see what's wrong.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you so much for taking your time Staiff, I'm so appreciated.

    After what you said, I've tried the plugin on differnt daws, what I get is so weird;

    Sonar (Works)
    Reaper (Works)
    Cubase 5 (Works)
    Cubase 6 (Works)
    FL Studio 12 (Doesn't work - distorted bad sound) - Tried on 2 different PC's
    FL Studio 11 (Doesn't work - distorted bad sound) - Tried on 2 different PC's

    I think FX Plugins has problem with FL Studio 😞


  • as i said before i don't have FL (i don't have it because i personaly hate it)

    i also have Bitwig and reaper that i not use. Why having it ? because they are really good to test plugins. if bitwig and reaper crash or refuse your plugin = bad plugin.

    studio One (i love and use it) accept all plugin without saying if it's good. So before releasing for friends, i test it in reaper and bitwig.

    For FL i really don't know with it react like that ...

  • 🙂 Yes I understand, but if we will make some commercial stuff, it must be work on every daw.
    So so many producers uses FL and, if the plugins do not working here, it is a serious problem, I think.

  • By the way, I like your Linndrum emulation. Is it a synth, or sampler?

  • I‘ll recheck FL Studio, but HISE is definitely supposed to support every major host. This DAW is a bit different because it varies buffer sizes randomly and to make things even more complicated, there are a few settings which cause trouble if enabled.

    Can you make a screen shot of your current settngs dialogue in FL studio then I‘ll try to replicate it.

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