2 sliders (or knobs) for the same settings.

  • hello !
    like said in the title i just want to have in my GUI 2 sliders for the same function.

    Why ? a "physical" slider (.png) somewhere and a pixelated one for an LCD GUI.
    when you move the first (to setup volume for example) the second show the same settings.

    An OnControl script of course... but don't find it...

  • Just use slider2.setValue(value); in the on control of the first slider

  • this:
    if(number == attack) AttackBis.setValue(value); // where attack is my 1st slider and AttackBis is my second slider...

    don't work ... missed something

  • Well the mistake must be in some other part of your code, but here is a working example

    HiseSnippet 878.3ocyVEsaSCCE0tqFw5XH.wGPDO0IMpRJrARnwFqiMUAaTHaSHdA4k3PsZhcjsyXcHdiuA9L3WfuE9C3O.tNIcMCBSqHgD9o568dbO95iONCTx.lVKUH7B6ONkgvWi3OVXF1aHkKP82BguNYWp1vTNEg1bbJUqYgHLdtcrAvy2DkO995aRioh.1zPHzgRd.647DtYZzzMdFONdaZHaedRkpu+F8CjhdxXYFvm4HtnTZvH56X6Qsk0ffNlyduFgcI2qaG0HuiN8IcridclLd9AglWtya1+fyxYGnfLkhILGBvQXB9Gv.SdZH2HU9FpgAq4baJCG6OT9dQwe8gbM+nXlchGxG3TQXTug73vASZaZDB2bvzl3bEMwaS1kGxOK9zl4MxS3LEQ01Itw4oTyyQIu+Dk1VFGZWf+.8vUnWyB5cShefhmZllwxsEH8Ev4bDENAqRqhZQMdLlzSBUHLcRniXaqfImgn8pttK6rhq6ROZwVK1BNG0FmioJGsmyZNSvQCCelPdT66n8tyxN.f7xqTb2ZKtKTr2JEkGkIBLbovQJ1SZXuPzdoVen07s9XqeMSTTcorqtRFGyT0k0JHUW.r1hrjiXpkA1FmwxqiG4TF0Ys0fs6RvtnilYNzVQ6h5dDrXP2+7GuW4xc7FTzNpTnTzWvMuHkUNep.vqFA.preBRgFk6BnTStP35kBA+XdHSg3vhzjn8P4rt50XzkCY2ZPdP+snFpUHVRDfboLkga6A3sXGCFDExx4IawziLxzblljJEVZiW3h45I1az1+nwS9g1L11FuBwJePI7vvX1.olaOJqXW8UvUK0meZNc+vs+xNe6zOsdRUGMDJgdRUCNcVTD+jbqnHdbh1.DpeB3Pgv2hbfl4DxhnYwFG8HXcPW1MQ2hMwm+ubS761GfIlLLKlZNuyl80fxDVNV0BwZSH.tOtJOlA6N2Zs6pUseIo6MIC3lfg0y2F0vW60m+w7s7wiEIOMJhEXlR1ljse8e6KEy.UdkLyvEuaWJnHrBx8xR7gmhCX.SDBVr1pMaXMCJl6NQq5yDgtSdXsLomcNtLo2jjfVLPIeaPgah84oqlGA3jH+Q94gu1.l6blGjk2f5m+1f.ai3tdHT8H5NyHt2Li39yLhUlYDqNyHdvLi3gW.B6Gn7jLiLo3ZAB8S7HuxVL

  • that what i did.
    but i found the problem.
    if something in the processor ID and parammeter ID of the first slider = not working

    if nothing there it works.

  • Yes, as soon as the control is connected to a parameter, it won't fire the callbacks anymore to save CPU.

  • yes i saw this.
    So impossible to do this ?
    don't worry if "no". Not important... 😉

  • (Almost) everything is possible as soon as you don't use the processorId / parameterId properties and implement the logic purely in script.

    These two are just for 99% of the cases where you just need to control a module without having to write so much boiler plate code.

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