Unisono mono 1 Voice impossible

  • Hello !
    like said the title if you put just 1 voice in the Synthesizer group voice amount you can have a monophonic synth.

    But if you increase the unisono voices, the voice amount change and you have polyphonic synth.

    is there a way to "stuck" the voice amount to 1 even if you increase the unisono voices ?


  • I guess you could write a script that always turns off all notes before playing a new one

  • yesssssss !!!!

    turning all notes off ? but keeping one note/voice ?

    but if turning all notes off, increasing unisono will working again ?

  • I haven't used the unisono so I don't know, try it and see.

  • administrators

    Try using the "Legato with Retrigger script", it should do the thing you're after.

  • legato W retrigger is an empty module ?

  • administrators

    Yup, but still works. There's nothing to control. Just put it in and you have monophonic behaviour 🙂

  • yep !
    i put it in the syn thGroup midi section and it works !
    but the legato glide script from David don't work if legato retrigger is On.

    just this detail.
    but yes the retrigger works ! 😄

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