Ui Json Data and Dynamic effects!

  • Hello,

    For reasons of compatibility and especially usual, I want to finish my projects with version 1.1.1. The version before the UI Json Data arrives.

    I really need the "dynamic" effect ... Is there a way to incorporate it into a predecessor?

    And if this is not possible, can I disable UI Json Data for the time of a project? I try to open my projects with the new version, and everything is in trouble when I try to add stuff. I have over 3000 lines of code and it would be really long to recompile everything.

    Thank you very much!

  • maybe wrong response but...
    the major problem with UIJSON is that it modify/change some settings from old 1.1.1 projects.

    settings are pretty closed similar but most of time it's the size (x,y) that has been changed.
    checking the changed data and take a look at the size fix most of problems.
    but with 3000 lines of code i understand it's not fun ...

    for my part i use a version post in github that went just after the 1.1.1 (working with the standalone 1.1.2.exe), with dynamics, etc... but abble to read the "deprecated" .JS

    1 - i update the old 1.1.1 project and modify that UIJSON changed (good but not optimal)
    2 - i restart the project from scratch (better solution)

    Another solution if you really don't want to do it. Complete your actual project in 1.1.1 as it be; create a new scratch project with only the dynamic, compile it as a vst FX, and purpose it as an optionnal FX for your project.

    and if your goal is to sell it, then you could sell 2 products (and maybe a bundle, so 3 products) instead of 1 ... 😉

  • Guys sorry for the mess. But actually the newest version on GitHub (and I am not talking about the master branch, I did some changes on another branch that I'll merge in soon) should be 100% backward compatible. There were some issues with the x,y position but I changed that so that the old projects should work again.

    All the projects I worked so far still load with the newest version with only minor adjustments needed. So I suggest you send the project to me, I'll take a look whats wrong, fix it so that the current version runs, upload it on a private repo in GitHub and then we can proceed.

  • It's send!!!

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