Filmstrips for knobs and sliders and such??

  • Can't find any, been searching all over

  • hello !
    when you're working on the interface designer, you right-click to select "add new slider": it open a popup interface on the right. just scroll down and you will see the filmstrip open dialog. Also the filmstrip frame numbers (numstrip section just under open filmstrip).

    If you using the 1.1.1 version (downloaded via the download page) you can set any frames you want for sliders/knobs (better 80 frames min for knob to be smoothed)
    if you using the last github version it's better to select "100" or "127" in the numstrip menu.

    of course your filmstrip image must have the same frame rate (numstrip) you selected in the right interface.

    click compile. you will see you knob/slider.

    for creating knob/sliders:

    better if you create it yourself, but knobman give you good results in minute 😉

    see also : this thread

  • Right on! Thank you so much!

  • Great explanation, staiff. BTW I have removed the 100/127 restriction a few days ago, wasn't helpful at all.

  • I missed this novelty;)

    I start to love more and more and more HISE
    romplers, synths, effects ... with ease ...

    HISE rules the world;

  • That's what I call a testimonial for the front page 🙂

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