Left centre text alignment

  • Could we have an option to align the text to the horizontal left and vertical centre? Or separate options for X and Y.

  • You can use the same alignment ids as the Label uses:

    const var Panel1 = Content.addPanel("Panel1", 0, 0);
    	g.drawAlignedText("Funky", [0, 0, this.getWidth(), this.getHeight()], "left"); // also: topLeft, bottomLeft

  • Actually it's label text I'm wanting to align. I have a label that is larger than the text that it contains (so it conforms to a grid layout) but I'd like the text centred vertically, I can do this by changing the size of the label but that messes with the grid, or I can centre the text horizontally which also centres it vertically but then I have to shift the label left to get it to look left aligned, and that messes with the grid. 🙂

  • That's precisely why there is the alignment property in the label:

        "type": "ScriptLabel",
        "id": "Label1",
        "x": 32,
        "y": 25,
        "width": 128,
        "height": 28,
        "alignment": "left"

  • I think I'm not explaining very well. Hopefully this image will help. The text is aligned left, but it is not aligned vertically central which is what I would like.

    0_1511644337172_Screenshot from 2017-11-25 21-11-23.png

  • I really don't get it 🙂 The text is aligned vertically in the centre, isn't it?

  • Maybe it's my eyes but to me it looks like the text is in the lower half of the label rather than central

  • Nah, it's your eyes 🙂

    Just kidding, I just take the alignment in JUCE and pass it on to the scripting engine but I trust these guys to get it right 🙂

  • I'll just shift it a few pixels manually then until my eyes are happy 🙂

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