New instrument built with HISE: Hexeract

  • Hi everybody,

    as you may have noticed, I was kind of busy the last days finalizing the release of HEXERACT by Auddict:

    This is the biggest project so far done with HISE and really pushed the limit of the platform. Thanks @Dorian, @Dominik-Mayer and @elanhickler for the amazing work in order to make this possible.

    Also I promise to clean up the codebase the next days 😉

  • Well done guys! now take the weekend off 🙂

  • wow !
    good job !
    osc sync ? not implemented in Hise ? the fm function ?

  • Sync isn't there, but we heavily use the FM feature of the SynthesiserGroup. Does wonders on low brass sounds 🙂

  • Wow! I was wondering why I did not have an answer to my emails, now I understand. I can not wait to try it.

    The GUI is really beautiful!

    Good work.

  • Yes sorry I'll get back to you soon. Need some sleep now 😉

  • yes,
    though using the fm function of the global synth as sync. But it's not !
    fm = one osc frequency modulate the second. the twice frequencies can be unsynced, and they are.
    osc sync = 1 osc frequency CONTROLS (start & stops) the frequency of the second (freq synced. as the name say = sync)
    using the fm mode in subtractive osc (saw, square, etc. ...) is more close as ring modulator (or different waveshaping technic) than osc sync.

    but yes with this function it's really cool to create some brass and strings pad patches, that sound different. i love the result 😉

  • Each oscillator is using a (hidden) sine wave generator to modulate the frequency of the oscillators, so it's definitely FM. However you can't modulate the oscillators with each other. The structure in HISE for each OSC looks like this:

    Synthesiser Group
       1. Sampler
       2. Synthesiser
       3. Looper
       4. Sine Wave Generator

    1 - 3 can be chosen as Carrier and the Modulator is always the Sine Generator. If you disable FM, it will be muted.

  • yeah
    i similary work on a synth like this. i said similary. in the 1.1.1 i used 2 wavegenerator to put it in FM (carrier + mod) with only the first osc on each module activated. so without FM = 2 separates waveforms, and in FM = FM.
    but for now in the 1.1.2 version when you deactivate the FM, you have only the waveform generator 1.
    could be possible to modify my project and use the twice osc on generator 1, the second only for FM.

    it could be fine if when deactivating FM it could go to: all osc. but it stay in osc1.

    hum ... if you use this kind of "FM" for your sync maybe it's better to use a saw generator ?
    sine is FM. Saw in FM with another saw is like pretty closer to osc sync ?

    (just try two saw + fm + 8 voices unisono + spread + 6 or 12 unisono detune and create a string pad preset with filters and enveloppe = just furious ! :D)

  • Very impressive UI! Meanwhile I'm still trying to get the functions down first. XDD Still, this VST itself looks pretty interesting.

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