Question about queued downloads from Amazon S3

  • @Christoph-Hart With Amazon S3 I use urls that expire after a couple of minutes. Does the built in download queue trigger each download and then add them to a waiting list, or does it only trigger the download when it's its turn to be downloaded?

    I'm thinking if I have 5 urls and they expire after 10 minutes, and the HISE project is set to download up to 3 files at once, what will happen if the first 3 files take more than 10 minutes to download? The remaining two urls will have already expired unless they've been started briefly and paused.

  • Actually I think I might be able to avoid this problem by redirecting the url through my site and have my site generate the Amazon S3 url at the time the download is started.

  • I'm pretty sure that the downloads are queried just before they are downloaded.

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