• This is a small observation, and maybe I'm completely wrong about it, if so correct me 🙂
    In the AHDSR Envelope module,
    setting Attack Curve to 0% result in a convex curve and 100% in a concave curve and you can hear the difference between them.
    The Decay Curve display is broken so it doesn't show if it's convex or concave but setting it to 0% sounds to me as a concave curve and 100% as a convex, so that is the other way around compared to how the Attack Curve works.
    If I'm right, what does 100% mean, convex or concave?

    As I said this is an insignificant problem but I just want to know if I'm going nuts or not? 🤪

    I noticed this when trying to apply bezier handles to this:


  • @ulrik yeah the curves in the original ahdsr are not reflecting the reality for some curves, and I reckon one or two knob are not connected. I fixed that a while ago when making a draggable ahdsr like this one. If I can get my hands on the commit I'll try to make a request. I remember I have added a parameter and reshaped the original module…

  • @ustk great, thanks!

  • @ulrik I found the mods I've made but unfortunately, the AHDSR changed a lot internally, so my commit isn't compatible anymore (causing merge conflicts). I need to see if I can do something to bring the changes...

  • @ustk I see, don't put a lot of work in this, it's only an observation, I can use it the way it is, no problems.
    Thank you anyway for looking it up, and now I know the status of it. 🙂

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