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  • @Christoph-Hart Are there any plans to implement the scriptnode granular module as a scriptnode synthesizer?

  • @UrsBollhalder said in Granular Synth:

    I fear you might have to have a look at the source code and check the granulator module. I get good results with and AHDSR attached. But as soon as I hit multiple keys etc. it starts getting crackling. To mess around with a granular engine on an audio level is no stroll in the park either, I suppose… At least not for me...

    2 great books I am “reading” atm, that I can recommend...

    I think you're right. Maybe it is time to get my hands dirty and try and learn C++/Juce. I was hoping to release the project I've been working on by the fall but I don't think that is going to happen.

  • @crd The granular node is not a polyphonic node, so you can't use it in a scriptnode synthesizer.

    But why don't you add it as scriptFX to the master chain? You won't get any extra functionality out of it by adding it to a polyphonic network.

  • @Christoph-Hart That works great! Now if I wanted to make some changes to that node, the only way is to get into the source code, right? Or can I edit that node in SNEX workbench somehow?

  • @Christoph-Hart I'll give it a shot as a top level scriptFX. I am building the latest version of the develop branch and will let you know how it goes. (Effectively I don't think that is much different from where I had it placed in my script which was in it's own container beneath the top level.) For some reason, the granular node will work for a while and they start sending a lot of what looks like DC's noise that mutes my audio chain.

    I was hoping to use it as a scriptnode synthesizer so I could use the same modules(filter, gain env, fx sends etc) I used in other places in my plugin. I suppose I could just build them within the scriptFX? My main issues (besides when it blows up my audio) is how do you dynamically change sample maps? Is there a way to change sample maps outside of the SNEX? Should I have a scriptFX for every sample map I want available?

  • Two script nodes routed to there own simple gains worked. Three created the same problem I've been having. Here is a quick video of what I'm getting. (WARNING: turn your audio down or off before you watch this: )

  • @Christoph-Hart Sorry to be a broken record, but any idea what I am doing that is causing this?
    Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 11.39.41 AM.png

  • @Christoph-Hart Any guidance about how to use the granular node in a project?

    I've also been working with a timer/midi script solution which sounds good but I think will always be to inefficient to use in the end.

  • I don‘t recommend using the granular synth at the moment - it‘s still in prototyping stage and it will most likely be redesigned in the foreseeable future.

    Also I think I will include it as example for SNEX and remove it from the HISE codebase so people can make their adjustments and use their own version.

  • @Christoph-Hart
    Got it. Thanks!

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