Enable / Disable OpenGL

  • Is there any way to make the users enable / disable OpenGL?

    I can't see "GraphicRendering" option in CustomSettings Floating Tile. (Latest Master Branch)

  • @orange When you compile the plugin it will appear in your settings window. For some reason it doesn't appear in HISE.

    So leave some room for the combo box in your settings panel before compile!

  • Ok, I made lot's of plugin builds, almost all of them has no success. But below procedure works:

    • Used HISE_USE_OPENGL_FOR_PLUGIN=1 extra definition in th settings menu
    • Added "GraphicRendering": true, into the CustomSettings Floating Tile.
    • Also used "DebugMode": true,. All of the other settings are false. If DebugMode is false, "Use OpenGL" setting doesn't appear.

    Now I see the Use OpenGL setting in the compiled plugin (not in Hise project)

    But this time, Use of OpenGL is "Yes" by default, it can be disabled manually by the user. I prefer not to use it by default. If the user wants, he can turn it on.

    How can we make the OpenGL "No" by default in Global Settings?

  • @orange

    "GraphicRendering": false," ?

  • @MikeB said in Enable / Disable OpenGL:


    "GraphicRendering": false," ?

    This time "Use openGL" box won't appear 🙂 true/false setting is for showing the custom setting, not the value itself.

  • @orange Schade - ein Versuch wars wert 🙂

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