New DSP Network/ScriptFX How to Show on GUI

  • HISE new ScriptFx/DSP NW has been updated with bunch of new nodes and features etc. I would like to show it on my GUI. But How ?
    DSP New.jpg

  • @DabDab

    I just started with scriptNode yesterday

    but I created a knob in my gui and connected it via "processorID" and "parameterId".

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    You have to switch between the ScriptNode Window and the Interface Window.

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-28 um 08.29.59.png

    Provided you have created a knob for it above and connected it to the desired parameter.

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-28 um 08.43.38.png

  • @MikeB I love your wise words in your profile...😂

  • @ulrik Thank you - at our age this is lived experience. 🙂

  • But my question is if you for example
    want to create multiple FX - can you or should you create multiple "Engine.createDSPNetwork("myFX").
    Or how do I get different ScripNode windows?

  • @MikeB If the FXs are not interdependent (no connexion between them), of course you don't have to create them in the same DSP. Use multiple processors in that case (scriptFX). But you can also reference multiple DSPs in the same processor. I don't know if there's a better reason to do one or the other way. That been said, I prefer to keep them separated, at least to get the bypass button of the module for each, and simply because to me 1 module = 1 FX...

    Do you mean different graphs at the same time showing on your screen?
    Then View => Add floating window and you can create a totally new workspace.

  • @ustk Thank you - How do I force a second scriptFX?
    I haven't figured that out yet!

  • @MikeB What do you mean by "force"?
    Just insert two modules and declare a DSP in each:


  • @MikeB @ustk I would like to display xfader on GUI

  • @DabDab There is no display buffer for this data type, at least not yet. So for the moment, the only way I can think of is to draw a dummy one in a panel. And if you want the ruler, it's easy to add. But if you want the ruler AND the dots, you'll need some math depending on the selected curve...

    @Christoph-Hart BTW, it would be good to have the curve selector as parameter (after the more important things you already have of course 🙂 )

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