value of knobs/sliders when using filmstrip images

  • hello !
    when using the default knob grafic we have a rectangle with the value, but if we use png filmstrip the value disapear.
    is there a way to "show" the value (in external label or better in the tooltip menu - like in your musicbox example) ?

    better than above = show the real function value ?
    yes. for example i use knob for controlling the waveform. so i use: min=1, max = 9, etc... (1-> Sine...9->Trapezoid2)

    if i show the knob value it will show 1 to 9 values. But i want to show the waveform (sine, saw, square, etc. ...) linked with the knob.

    understand what i mean ? 😉

    thanks in advance.

  • Make an array with 10 label values in it and use the value of the knob to pull out the correct text for your label.

  • good idea !
    but if i understand well a knob with a value of 1-128 -> i must create an array with .... 128 labels ... Exact ?

    For now i just created comboboxes with values by names (Sine, saw, etc. ...) and linked to my knob by macro :

    alt text

  • Are there any built in slider modes with 128 text labels?

  • administrators

    No one label should be enough. On the other hand I've been thinking about adding a showTooltipPanel property which automatically handles the visibility and shows the exact value.

    But for stuff like the WaveformType, a ComboBox is a better component anyway.

  • Showtooltippanel would be ultra-powerful !!!

    @d-healey : No just somes knobs with 1-100 (sometimes in %). sliders are just 31 frames filmstrip but values (ahdsr for example goes from 20 to 20000 Hz by step of 0.01)

    the showtooltippanel should be the best solution i think.

  • administrators

  • wow ! Quick !
    question 1:
    do you sleep sometimes ? 😄
    always connected to your computer (?) ... 😄

    compiled it.
    seems that for now knobs/sliders are not in the "OnInit"interface but in "UIJSONData"

    Question 2 :
    Just a small problem maybe = knobs numstrips are "blocked" to 99/100/127 predefined frames

    lot of C++ vst use 80 frames for knobs. all my png filmstrip must be "redone" in 127 frames for now.

    Question 3:
    with previous version we could export project as xml file (interface.js) with all (or pretty close all) our settings.
    how to export the UIJSONData script ?

    found a solution (for knobframes)
    creating the knob, choose the png sequence and set a predefined framerate (whenever one).
    hit compile or recompile or rebuild (choose what you want)
    hit "save" for saving current project.
    at this time your new knob/slider won't show up in the UIJSONData area.
    close your project (and/or HISE)
    reopen project (reopen HISE if closed of course ... lol)
    now you will see your knob/slider in the UIJSONData popup interface.
    find the line for the frames (EG: "numStrips": "99",)
    change it (for me ->80)
    recompile, save.
    voilà !!!

  • for now another new problem.
    i have a synth group with 3 waveforms osc (osc1 & 2 for fm, 1subosc) & 1 noise osc.
    if i enable FM (with scirpt on OnControl) i can enable osc1 & osc2 as carrier and modulator controled via on/off button in interface.
    if i put off the button the Synth Group is soloed to Osc1 only.

    is there a way to enable FM, osc1 and osc2 with button ON, and enable all synths when button is off ?

    ok found that the synthesizer group has changed; and i hate the new one. Definitively. deactivate FM let just 1 waveform generator ON. The old one when deactivated let ALL the generators in it playing.

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