Multiple errors compiling HISE 2.0

  • Hi, I've been struggling with this for over 2 days now and have no hair left. I've followed all the steps in the 'Building HISE on Windows 10' video on Youtube. I'm using Windows 10 Pro, Visual Studio 2017 and have installed the w_ipp_2019.4.245.exe file as discussed in that video. When I run the projucer, I get a message about a new version of JUCE, but I've ignored this and run the version with HISE.
    Trying to build the standalone HISE app, release, x64 as in the video, but getting multiple errors (1147 errors and 74 warnings) before the compiler crashes with too many errors.
    Is there something I'm missing here? IPP has installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools with a number of subdirectories 'compilers and libraries', compilers and libraries 2019 and compilers and libraries 2019.4.245
    When I look at the Intel site it tells me:
    After installing Intel IPP, set the PATH, LIB and INCLUDE
    environment variables by running the script appropriate to your target platform architecture. The scripts are available in <install dir>\env
    By default, the <install dir>
    is C:\Program files (x86)\Intel\oneapi
    Configure Your IDE Environment to Link with Intel IPP
    To configure your Microsoft* Visual Studio* development system for linking with the Intel IPP library, follow the steps below. Though some versions of the Visual Studio* IDE may vary slightly in the menu items mentioned below, the fundamental configuring steps are applicable to all these versions.

    In Solution Explorer, right-click your project and click Properties
    Select Configuration Properties
    > VC++ Directories
    and set the following from the Select directories for drop down menu:
    Include Files menu item, and then type in the directory for the Intel IPP include files (default is <install_dir>\include
    Library Files menu item, and then type in the directory for the Intel IPP library files (default is <install_dir> \lib<arch>
    Executable Files menu item, and then type in the directory for the Intel IPP executable files (default is <install_dir>\redist<arch>
    The values for the include files directories and the library files directories are correct as above, but there is no mention of ipp in the executable files directories
    Any help would be appreciated. I realise I can just download the compiled version of HISE 2.0 but would really like to solve this....

  • Don't compile HISE 2.0. It's ancient. Use the develop branch.

    Don't bother with IPP for now. Get a basic build working first.

  • @d-healey Thanks, downloading now.....

  • Thanks, downloaded and compiled OK. I noticed there are new versions of both AsioSDK and VST SDK available - is it worth using these or should I just quit while I'm ahead 🙂

  • @Sympol Use the version that comes with HISE, in the SDK folder there is a zip file, the password is 4321. But the VST SDK in there is for VST2, unless you already have a license from Steinberg you're not allowed to release any VST2 plugins so you'll need to get the VST3 SDK - but maybe leave that for another day.

  • @d-healey Thanks David..... Flushed with success I'm downloading the tutorials now to dig deeper....

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