Expression of Love

  • Love the Scriptnode, lots to learn yet but it feels so right already!

    Makes me happy and had to share!

    Many Thanks @Christoph-Hart

  • Thanks man - it was a gigantic amount of work - writing a compiler is no joke - but I also learned much in the process...

  • ...and inspired and motivated a few people on the way. 🙂

    With HISE i was able to make a few virtual instruments and i am inspired and motivated to learn, develop and continue making some more. Never thought i could do that before!

    Furthermore, exciting derivative results, that i couldn't anticipate, are emerging - an experimental ensemble, workshops and institutional collaboration are in progress. Will report on them as soon as things becomes concrete.

    So, yes, a lot of work had to be done by you @Christoph-Hart but there is also a lot to be proud and happy as well 🙂

    Therefore, thanks a lot again! ♥

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