The definitive feature request & bug fix roadmap

  • A working drag and drop MIDI feature would be great! I see the progress in the develop branch which is great but it's still not dropping the midi file.

  • BUG

    Macro Modulators are a mess....

    In large projects:

    LFO Modulators dont retain consistent timing when more than one note is being played...they wander about all over the place

    Modulator depths are not being consistently retained across DAW project save and load

    Sometimes just adding a modulator (especially to somehting controlling an FX param) just crashes HISE/plugin

  • Feature Request

    Invert parameter for MPE modulators to match functionality of Midi Controller modulators.

  • Advanced Learn MIDI CC/ Assign MIDI CC

    Ability to assign also bitchbend, channel aftertouch, poly aftertouch... in addition to CC0-127 to instruments different modulation targets. See further details in post

  • @jupe 'bitchbend' 😂

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  • Feature request referToData function for modulator tables. This will allow us to link a single table on the UI to multiple modulators.

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  • Bug Report

    Actually it's not a Hise bug. It's a fix request on Logic Pro X behaviour for fx plugins.

    Logic makes fx plugins in the standby mode at the initialization. So the Server API / timers...etc. doesn't work at the begining. As soon as audio passes inside the fx plugin, issue is gone.

    All of the detailed info is here:

  • Backend: Ruler and guides for easier GUI design As David pointed out, easy to make your own.

  • BUG Develop branch, GNU/Linux (might affect other OSs too). Any action that brings up a drop down/combo box list doesn't work.

    Peek 2021-07-19 13-04.gif

    I go away for a few hours and when I come back the issue has gone! The Christoph works in mysterious ways 🧙♂

  • BUG
    Mac OS
    Develop branch
    Projucer asks for login to ROLI. Doesn't seem to be a way past it...

    Workaround is to build your own from source. The latest version of Projucer no longer includes a appConfig.h. Instead you can now enable GPL mode from the login screen.

  • Scriptnode Minor Bug

    In the Create Node window, the short description of nodes appears only when typing in the search bar. It stays empty when using mouse-click or keyboard up/down arrows.

  • Graph Display Glitches


  • BUG/Feature

    Develop branch.

    Adding an expansion doesn't work if you haven't set up the necessary thingies in the project preferences. It just creates and empty xml file. It would be better if either it did nothing or it gave the user some information to say why it wasn't working.

  • Develop Feature Request & Bug Report

    Added functionality to further customize the look of the AudioWaveform component. Stuff like playhead color, maybe a selection of multiple ways of drawing the actual waveforms (see Ableton waveform display f.e.), gradient colors for the waveform, etc. LAF?

    (EDIT: The gradient I found out how to do in the sourcecode... thanks to @Casey-Kolb... I also can see where the playhead is drawn, so... but the issue with disappearing playhead on compilation goes beyond my knowledge... )

    It would be nice if I could also get rid of the rectangle that surrounds the component. No matter what I do, these lines always stay there.

    Also, the playhead is missing in the compiled plugin. See

  • Feature request: LAF

    New Component Specific Properties: "any string"

    At the moment you can summarise for example knobs like this

     if (obj.text == "Q" ||obj.text == "Decay ms" || obj.text == "Attack ms" || obj.text == "Hold ms" || obj.text == "Sustain db" || obj.text == "Release ms"|| obj.text == "Pan" || obj.text == "L Time ms" || obj.text == "R Time ms" || obj.text == "Random" ){
            g. do something

    It would be clearer if you could assign a slider, button, panel etc. to a group.
    For example = "gain"

    Now you only have to write

     if ( == "gain" ){
            g. do something

    And all sliders in the group get this appearance

  • @MikeB You can do this already, you just need to use some string manipulation with the control's text property. Take a look at this example and see how I'm adding a group name to the text property but still display the knob's text on screen without the group name.

    Peek 2021-07-22 17-38.gif

    HiseSnippet 1231.3ocwWtzaiTDD.tmjLKXCNrqD+.Z7Iav1X67.jrhhyC6kn7xabHBoPzp1yzy3lLt6QyzSRLqVo7SgeFbBsheFbJ23JW3LT87vdLq2fiWPYNX6t5pp4qqp6pK2wSXP88EdHsLmNzkhz9X8tC4x96zmv3n81Eosr9gDeI0CGIZ6gtDeepIRSawmqDnkYIT3yer41DGB2fNVDBclfYPOfMfIGKsSy8YNNsIlzSYCRo8pM2yPv2Q3HB.dVTuJxkXbIwldDQo1B5HsmzxjIEdckDI0GzYag4vt8EWyiz+LlOqmCUMnFpK3nHwnc5ybL6jrV8QHsk5LdkuXzJ+S0OjYxFIebD3ogSfGaQ5Xf1BShzRSfTs2ERsENlJG7NvSKEdKEg2yz6Z3wbkimQw1GouGGRNVDHrmFqHcQKzaQ8cDfFbYkAjKos8fAirnv5UqVBuV0pEajKatrPv2Whuh3gcHV3Mvs31LNshgGEVZO2Qzi3D41CDhK2ha1lRcJTrAXIneEOpMSsOoc.2PxD7B4M8HWehPR7F10gYR8xWBakLocIrn2OTLW1WkKKFdTuUB7NAgUHvKrQiwxkzajwSo9YE+fd9ROF2tvHQLtI8lisJjub9h3u.WqzXscnbaY+hw9K5SlEdJ1Z6IBbqAN3y1.WtVwHUUO1U7oxn8kEh9xGVtlI9bl7a8Yzu8bBnusisqXAGYZ43vb8oEHQ4qj3CkadrkE3JHHsF9yCW5WQ.+bjva.wg8iTSbYrOjHjQ50HwodB0t1BibPI74jyqeA9Kw0KgS90ESF6lFzW2mIGQscEUheKGlMmZdJDIJnBGgtt5EJ2V6BHEQNekPuCjUu53WXIXD7QdCXGKDhyWrgxkYecwFIacvB9QBI8XdghYeU1LYecV7+bJKqoNm5ffmvwg5M0oUEi7tOCKvCFzi5UBGFbGoHbBcxR.OY1JAXDctLkhB9dbl7XWZ73wEIpMkhDn3C1P4hmDSHnpLrXwxwEKhN3gXfS9.884hd0PgvGWz81e8OuaSzLab8IMdir+9Cv3Ulv3nmY13UeeLdsIL9tW7y+xC.60mv3excieaSz2t2tDIQUlNNE.oEWpmjox9Z6RuBtyKpncF8co9WJEtg4nAtBtJgok4eMKcy3kZylCGMn4KZpNLgz9D8npUk2RJgKIQWyLk8Go1s62rOkY2WlVBkSfcgpqxNfR73paI7g8dmoVdcDtAtp29V8DWQUw1Yl05oY86mFq4RX8af8yOhjtRJRuyNEouIgzkSHcWpAY3iHpqlNn1OEpHyIQsd4cB7.m+3g5ZoPsY57+aLhQ8oIndB0gR7eLgc8Tvday6E1tAvMlPGf+GC6a2XGzdovLvgHmrmSUy0wS.2BMQycpF339L4vzMe+.ZDs5TaDcp2wLi39L8NLoQ+oy6BSgWn34+27F2VeN8VVVTC4XXWRu82Mu8v+.P4DQfDZR8PBzqJrqS+nfAcgtkLn.IbN0AdQ5ZKntHKZbU0XUjoKzOV3f+BdhmrlZrV7j0RlDMfX3IdoQzkYp+3vGFJAXhG9elx.+4MXLdz0955UqTEM.1p9RCCUnnLv9zso9bXyJygMqNG1r1bXy5ygMe0bXyWeu1npRrUfTLH5XBHnSqvtIzzZEVFIbGI5uAgv3IiB

  • @d-healey
    That looks good - SubString is of course a solution - ingenious
    Thanks David

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