Really difficult to see loop points in sample

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  • You're right. It gets slightly better if you activate the area by clicking on the L icon, but I'll make it a bit more clear.

  • Would you also consider some kind of visualization for crossfading the loop point? This is extremely important for matching the phase and minimizing comb filtering during the fade. xfade ex.gif?dl=0

    (can't get image embedding to work with the forum code)

  • I'd rather add an automatic loop point finder which analyses the audio data using cross correlation (so that everything that is shown in the .GIF is done automatically).

    But to be honest, most people get their loop points from somewhere else (REAPER, Keymap Pro, SALT, etc) so if possible, I'd recommend using another tool for this (I think this feature is more in the audio editing ballpark). Importing loop-points from AIFF and WAV is supported (they should be extracted automatically if you import them in HISE).

  • In the end the positioning of the loop point is all about how it sounds, so I don't think the process can really be automated, but the visual cue would really help in quickly finding the most likely optimal positions to audition. Although maybe some advanced "snap to cycle" in addition to snap to zero crossing might be useful? Well, I guess I'll try using Reaper for picking the loop positions.

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