Do monliths include trimmed audio?

  • I seem to recall this being asked before but I can't find it and can't remember the answer.

    @Christoph-Hart When converting a sample map to a monolith does it discard sections of audio that were trimmed in the sample editor? If not could we get this added as an optional feature?

  • It's a sensible request and I have thought about this too already, however it's rather annoying to implement and introduces some kind of destructiveness to the process - the sample maps need to be updated to use the new sample ranges if the monoliths are truncated and then you can't switch back easily by replacing the SaveMode status in the XML. In this case it would be easier to go into full destructive mode and truncate the original sample files, then update the samplemaps before encoding the HLACS, this way the conversion option is preserved.

  • @Christoph-Hart Full destructive mode if fine by me, as long as it's an optional step.

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