Macros disappear when reloading project in DAW

  • Would love some help here!

    So I've got some Macros which I can assign to any control on the UI using the usual 'right-click' method. These settings save perfectly in my presets.

    However, when I use them in a DAW and save and reopen a project none of the macros are assigned to any of the controls anymore, they have simply gone. They come back if I reload my preset, but they don't seem to get saved in the DAW project...

    Any help massively appreciated! 🙏🏻

  • @DanH @Christoph-Hart would be so grateful if you could take a peak at this next time you're on 🙂

  • @DanH @Christoph-Hart bump 🙂

    On further investigation the compiled plugin will load whatever Macro settings were saved in the HISE project (regardless of what settings the plugin had when saved in the DAW's project).

    So the plugin kind of resets itself (in regards to the macros) whenever it is loaded.

  • @DanH Here's a gif to better show the issue. I remove the macros on the knobs, but when the project is reloaded the macros revert to their 'compiled' settings (i.e how they were set when the plugin was compiled in HISE).


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