Empty Images folder?

  • Hi,
    Totally new to this, so forgive a basic question.
    Following the tutorial and all going well with a few backtracks.
    Up to part IV - creating the interface content. Added the bgImage OK but when trying to select the Background.png image at the filename property, I have no images in my Images folder....
    Running Windows 10 Pro - did a file search for the image and found nothing....
    Have I missed something vital in the setup?
    My version is 1.0.0 8 June 2017 version 649
    Little bit stuck at this stage 🙂 so any help very welcome

  • Have you downloaded the images here and copied them into the Images subfolder?

  • No - that would certainly help! Didn't realise I had to download anything other than the Music box samples and the standalone HISE....
    Are there any other files relating to the tutorial I should download?
    Thanks for the quick reply 🙂

  • OK, downloaded the images and was able to continue to the next step of adding the first control knob, but suddenly HISE has stopped responding and I am unable to restore my project on restarting....
    Think I'll shut down Windows and start again tomorrow......

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