Global LFO - LFO Speed.

  • I am making a synth where I need the LFO to work for the filter as well as a tremolo , can I make an Global or routable LFO ?
    Can I somehow control the "Depth" of the lfo ? It seems to be either on or off . I Guess I am missing how to set an amount for sections?
    I would also like to be able to not have the LFO retriggered.
    Also I am trying to turn on a section , specifically the lfo modulation with a button but that does not come up as one of the options in the " connect to module parameter" , how would I go about turning sections on and off.

    P.s the link on the site to enquire about licensing is broken , I would love to get in touch and discuss licensing.
    Thanks for your time.

  • You can add an LFO as a Global modulator and control the intensity/depth with another modulator. Here's an example:

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  • Cool, thanks will look at this soon as I find out how to use a snippet 😉
    I am on a crash course in Hise.

    Is it possible to link parameters , like say for using two delays with different time setting but linking the two Mix values?
    This would be useful for creating your own fx chains but combining them into a few controls to present to the user.
    Also a send fx is needed, unless I just havent found it yet.

  • Copy the snippet to the clipboard, then File->Replace with Clipboard Content.

    You can of course link parameters. Just use multiple Module.setAttribute() functions in your control callback.

    There is also the macro control system in HISE, which basically allows you to define 8 parameters and connect them to different internal parameters with customised ranges. This may also be a possibility. The documentation can be found here. It's terribly outdated (I think it's 3 years old), but the basics should still be correct.

    Send FX is documented here:

  • Thanks , I might have assumed that I would get away with working in HISE without doing any scripting. I am not very good at that , BUT, I will learn. Enjoying HISE very much as it is , lets see how i can advance.

  • I might have assumed that I would get away with working in HISE without doing any scripting

    No way

  • hehehe !

  • This post is deleted!

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