Filter modulation/filter envelope/AHDSR

  • I am using the freq modulation on the filter to apply an envelope to the filter and I cannot seem to be able to get the amplitude of the modulation to exceeed the set knob value. Let's say that the knob is at 12 o clock then the amplitude of the envelope only reaches 12 o clock, obviously , this way it does nothing. What am I overlooking here}

    Can I invert the envelope ?

    I also noticed that when using knobs that have a time setting that they snap from 0 to 1 ms is it possible to get rid of that ?
    When loading my own knob designs it does not look good have them snap that last portion of the travel.

  • This was a recent addition requested by @MIDIculous (bipolar envelopes). In the current tip, you can add the envelope to the "Bipolar Frequency Chain" and set the amount with the knob (both positive and negative values).

  • Apart from the inverting I think I am doing something wrong , as it stands applying modulation to the filter is pointless as the filter is already open to the amount that modulation will open it ...that is ,the modulation will only reach as far as the setting on the knob.
    I hope I am making sense.

    It would also help a lot to get closer to a particular filter response if you could send the output of a knob into a response envelope .
    Unless its already possible ?

    Trying to post a gif,
    GIF link

  • Yes we have been at this Filter thing for a while and have not gotten the correct Filter behavior as would expect. Hopefully we will get this taken care of soon. I may shoot a video on the exact sound and functions of the filter.

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