Noob question

  • I am testing out Hise but I am having beginner problems.
    I am just working with one sample ,super simple .
    But I cannot find out how to add an adsr to my sample , I am assuming it resides in the gainModulation module but I only have access to the time variant portion and not the envelopes, they are grayed out.
    Thanks for your time.

  • You're probably trying to add it at the wrong modulation target - containers can also hold modulators (so that eg. an LFO can be applied to multiple samplers), but it can't use envelopes (because they are polyphonic).

    Just open the Gain modulation chain in the sampler:

    0_1503403114985_Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-22 um 13.58.21.png

    There should already be a simple envelope that you can delete to replace it with the AHDSR.

  • Well, that was a stupid mistake , I had to scroll down to see the envelope ..hehe.
    Another thing , I am using an Axiom midi controller, shows up in the midi settings , everything looks fine but it does not work , and no indication on the midi activity led.

  • Sometimes the audio device is not initialising properly. If you add a sine generator and press the keys on the virtual keyboard, do you hear anything?

  • Yes, sine wave gen works , I can also play samples on the virtual keys but no midi in , not in standalone or when I open in Reaper.

    Btw, would be nice to be able to preview sounds in the browser.

  • That's super weird (especially if it doesn't work in plugin mode). Do you use the 1.0.0 build or the latest version on GitHub?

  • 1.0.0 build .

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