Possible to create a Step Sequencer Plugin

  • Hey guys I was wondering if its
    possible to create a step sequencer plugin? Are there any javascript calls to use for precise timing for step sequencers?? Thanks

  • Yes it's very much possible. The timer callback is your friend here.

  • Yes, as David said, this is possible. However, HISE doesn't support compiling MIDI FX plugins (so MIDI In -> Processing -> MIDI Out) in case you want to create a "standalone" step sequencer and not embed it in a instrument built with HISE.

  • Thanks david. Chris so does this mean I cant create a plugin and the step sequencer has to be standalone?

  • No it means that if you want to create a MIDI FX that is used to control other plugins, you'll need to look for a different solution because HISE does currently not offer creating MIDI to MIDI plugins.

    But if you want a step sequencer to be part of the VSTi / AUi you'll build with HISE, then everything should work OK.

  • It would actually be nice if (like Kontakt) HISE had a "send MIDI data out" option...not a showstopper, but nice.

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