Longer Release in Compressor?

  • The release time of the compressor is maximum 250 ms.

    Is it possible to set it longer like 1000, 2000, 3000 ms?

  • \hi_modules\effects\editors\DynamicsEditor.cpp contains the control ranges.

    compRelease->setMode(HiSlider::Mode::Time, 0.0, 250.0, 10.0, 0.01);

  • @Fortune So I imagine you are talking about the comressor node because the dynamic module for its part goes up to 300ms
    Anyway there's no need to change Hise source for that. The slider max is 250, but nothing stops you to plug a parameter into it and edit the MaxValue as you need (you'll just don't be able to see the value going above 250 but it is)
    In fact, you can do that for many parameters in Hise (modules or nodes)

  • @dustbro @ustk Thank you guys! Very useful information.

    I also searched the knee factor too. I think Dynamics FX has a very Hard knee. Dynamics node and module uses simple envelope. In SimpleEnvelope.cpp there is

    void EnvelopeDetector::setCoef( void )
    		coef_ = exp( -1000.0 / ( ms_ * sampleRate_ ) );

    Maybe this exponential value is related to knee. So faster detection, harder response. Slower detection softer response?

    Also in Dynamics.node there are envelope settings:

    envelope_follower::envelope_follower() :
    	envelope(20.0, 50.0)

  • @Fortune I don't know you have to make your own test. But a knee factor has nothing to do with a time value, it's more changing the ratio depending on the input level

  • @ustk Like in the below image, the dynamics fx has always edgy character. No matter if you reduce the ratio or something else. For the soft behaviour there is a "Knee Width" parameter. And this parameter is independent from attack or ratio. Really really hard stuff to do with this simple dynamics module / node.

    alt text

  • @Fortune To me a knee is a dB range around the Threshold. With a knee of 5 dB, if you set the Threshold at let say -10dB, then the compression starts at -12.5dB with a ratio of 1:1 and reaches full ratio X:1 at -7.5dB

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