Table envelope ignores release setting

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    Any ideas?

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  • @d-healey Yeah I noticed that too, table envelopes is full of bugs. As Christoph said recently it has to be rewritten entirely because it's old and quite dirty. I myself badly need a Scripted Envelope but for that, I'm afraid we have to wait for the new scriptnode as it will depend on it...
    What would be cool too is a button to sync the last node of the attack and the first of the release so there's no drop under certain circumstances.

  • Do we have an alternative? I'm in need of polyphonic table envelopes for a project.

  • @d-healey not that I'm aware of. I have an alternative but very hacky and it can't be polyphonic, I use it in the waiting of something more serious because it's too hacky to have a place in a real end product. I'm afraid we have to wait…

  • Just FYI, I'm currently rewriting the entire table / slider pack / audio file data types to use one underlying base type and in the course of that I'll go through all the old modules and try to remove the most obvious bugs.

    @ustk what do you mean with last node of attack and release? Are you talking about the monophonic retrigger mode causing clicks at retriggering?

  • @Christoph-Hart how that is good news!

    Are you talking about the monophonic retrigger mode causing clicks at retriggering?

    It might not be relevant since what I need in the end is a scripted envelope. In the waiting I’ve made some tests with a scripted time variant since I don’t need it to be poly, but it’s obviously too hacky to get reliable results...
    So I got some issues when I set the attack node to 0, then the release makes some nasty clicks. I’ m doing this because I need one-shots/non-sustained envelopes (so no release). But hey, hacky tests gives hacky results 🙂 so honestly a scripted envelopes is what I need to make my own curves from the interface.

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