isPluginParameter questions

  • If I set "isPluginParameter" true to all my components in the plugin, the built in components is working fine receiving data from the daw, they change in the plugin interface.

    Is it possible to record changes in the components, into the daw, from just changing them in the plugins interface while recording?

    I have a lot of panels made to work as knobs and buttons etc...
    How come the panel component doesn't have the parameter "isPluginParameter"?
    Today I wrote into the JSON of some of my panels

    "isPluginParameter": true

    and indeed I can control the value of them from the daw but the plugin interface doesn't get updated.

    This plugin components is only made of panels (except the comboboxes and the knobs in "Envelope"

    As you can see the native comboboxes is working both ways, changing them in the plugin will change them in the daw (however it is not recorded)

    The "Master Gain" is a panel with "isPluginParameter" enabled in the JSON so it is discovered in the daw, and if I change the value from the daw, it will get updated (but not on the plugin interface)


  • @ulrik which DAW are you using to test things out?
    It might not be related but, I'm reminded of an old thread about automation issues in Logic Pro here:

  • @LeeC Yes, this is Logic Pro, ok I will read the link, thank you 🙂

  • @ulrik Yes Write and Latch modes don't work in Logic. @Christoph-Hart is there an update on whether this might be fixed?

  • @DanH I agree that a fix for this would be ace!

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