Samples directory not found when exporting

  • Yeah sure...
    You talked about an installer, what more precisly?
    Is it an installer as a program installer, where we specify directories?
    How to create this file automaticaly?

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    You can use existing installer systems to create installers which copy all files and set the registry entries. I recommend InnoSetup for Windows and Whitebox Packages on OSX, both are free and work well.

    This is a whole new world though and is extremely easy to mess up so think twice if you want to go there (the amount of frustration you got with HISE so far is only a small teaser on what you'll expect when trying to fix user permissions because Apple chooses to change the default sandbox settings on macOS Sierra (actually happened).

    If yes, take a look at the installer files for the HISE packages to get a starting point:

  • Wait hum...

    The link you sent me, is it included in HISE github package?
    How to run the code?
    As I will probably ask for a license to sell what I do (It's 20€ that's it? Or 500€?? Didn't get all), I really need fix the 'error'.
    If I use an installator, I may have problems with mac? I don't even have a mac system, how could I make it work 😕

    I'm wondering I have worked for hours... to finally never finish what I did 😞

  • To create an installer that will setup your library on a user's computer you need to use another program like InnoSetup for Windows. HISE does not create the installer for you. An installer is not necessary to distribute your library as far as I can tell but it is more professional.

    If you want to distribute to Windows, Mac, and Linux users then you need to have access to all those operating systems too so that you can compile your instrument into a format that will run on each system. I don't think there is anyway around this - I don't have a Mac either so I'm probably going to run Mac OS in a virtual machine like

    I'm wondering I have worked for hours... to finally never finish what I did 😞
    Don't worry it's not actually been that many hours 😉 have patience, I've been working on my library for over a year.

  • If I do an installer, are you sure it will correct this idiot bug? 😄
    I don't want fall in deep complex boring things 🙂
    I would really have prefered a simple .dll with a .data files ^^

  • Not sure what bug you're referring to. I believe you can just give the user the VST dll and the samples monolith separately and they can decide where to store the samples.

  • Imagine I have an installator. Run it installs for example in C:\VSTPlugins the .dll, and in D:\Data\Samples the libraries.
    The user still will have to select the data directory, it's not automated?

  • What Christoph was saying is that in the data directory you put a file that tells HISE where to look for the samples and you can get your installer to create this file - I don't know how though as I've not tried it.

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    If your installer puts a file into your AppData directory that is called LinkWindows (no file extension) and has the content D:\Data\Samples and copies all samples to this directory, then the popup won't show up. But 50% of all users who don't have a second partition will not be able to install this software, so you can figure out what solution is more practical.

  • you're right 🙂





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